Power At Your Fingertips With The SCT GTX Tuner for S550 Mustangs

If you are an S550 enthusiast like us, you know that keeping these vehicles entirely stock is often very tough to do. These cars respond exceptionally well to even minor performance modifications and experimenting with that newfound power is half the fun of owning a new ‘Stang, right? But choosing which upgrade to start with, especially on a limited budget can get quite confusing.

SCT Performance has designed a performance tuner that not only adds usable power to your new S550 Mustang but makes for a great looking gauge display at the same time.

The SCT GTX tuner is an easy way to add power to your S550 and it is the latest in handheld programming. – Brian Petty, Power Automedia

SCT GTXThe SCT GTX tuner can be installed on any 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT vehicle. But this is no ordinary tuning device. The GTX features a first in its class large 5-inch touchscreen display that is capable of delivering graphics and gauges in brilliant high definition color the likes of which rival many of today’s smartphones.

Power Automedia’s Brian Petty got his hands on the SCT GTX tuner to find out what makes this particular tuning device so special.

“As great as the Mustang is from the factory, there is still room for improvement,” said Brian. “The SCT GTX tuner is an easy way to add power to your S550 and it is the latest in handheld programming.”

Brian hooked the new tuner up to our stock Deep Impact Blue S550 shop car to find out if the GTX really is a smart upgrade for your next project vehicle. Brian quickly realized that while the GTX is primarily a tuner, you can use it for so much more.

SCT GTX 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT Features ($599.00)

  • Large 5-inch HD touchscreen for easy visibility
  • Preloaded with SCT’s default strategy tunes
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for easy connectivity
  • Three tuning levels: tow, street, and performance
  • Stores up to 20 custom tunes
  • Unique Grab and Go magnetic mounting system
  • Fits 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT models

SCT BDX Tuner Benefits

In the video, Brian walks us through how easy it is to choose between the pre-programmed tow, street, and performance levels and points out that users can adjust these levels for various options for specific tuning. The GTX also allows users to run diagnostics and clear diagnostic error codes that may occur on your S550.

But one area that we feel really sets this tuner apart from many on the market is the large 5-inch display and Grab and Go mounting system. While many tuning devices are often found stuffed in the glove compartment after loading your tune, the GTX in our opinion looks right at home on the dashboard of the S550 making it easier than ever to data log your vehicle.

“The SCT GTX tuner also makes for a great gauge display,” Brian remarks. “There are a ton of different parameters the GTX can monitor, everything from rpm’s to air-fuel ratios. You can also monitor up to four more gauges at the same time.”
The SCT GTX tuner is a smart choice for S550 owners looking to take their vehicles to that next level of performance. For the complete line of SCT Performance products for your s550 Mustang GT, you can click on the company’s official website here.

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