PRI 2021: WELD Racing Rounds Off 2021 With New RT-S Designs

When it comes to street and strip wheels, the WELD Racing RT-S series has stood the test of time. You can catch the specialized logo on the wheels at car meets, drag strips, and shows. Although the RT-S series has evolved over the years, the latest renditions released at the 2021 PRI show were turning heads.

Weld Racing introduced new wild style S82 and S80 wheels at PRI 2021.

We sat down with WELD Racing’s Retail Salesman, Tim Perdieu, to discuss the new wheel’s design and options. “We plan to release these with three different aesthetic options and a variety of lug patterns and sizes. These new RT-S designs will be offered with or without a single side bead lock. We also made our S81 model in a six-lug version for the truck market.”

S81 Series from left to right: single bead lock, no bead lock, and S81 six-Lug.

We needed a new design, something fresh. We recognized the RT-S had been out for a long time and we needed something new for our market. -Tim Perdieu

It comes as no surprise the Kansas City-based wheel company has hit another home run with multiple size offerings and options. They continue to provide an assortment of incredible-looking wheels at an affordable price. While backorders are currently on everyone’s tongue, WELD wheels is planning a push to be stocking up on inventory. So, if you are looking for a new set of shoes for your modern muscle, hot-rod, or late-model race car, WELD Racing is just a phone call away.

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