ICYMI: Ford Muscle’s Top Stories from March 2022

A lot of people recognize the term “March Madness” from the annual college basketball tournament or the side betting going on throughout workplaces nationwide. However, for editors like myself, March becomes madness as vehicles are starting to come out from hibernation and we’re hounding down the owners for a feature or seeking to be the first one to get news content from our respected manufacturers. That being said, at Ford Muscle magazine we had a fantastic month of March and are excited for the show and race season to kick off and continue to garner content for the year.

In case you were stuck guessing which unknown basketball team is going to win the championship for your office bracket, here is what you might have missed.

Slammed, Fast, And Damn Good Looking

There are some vehicles that provide a wow factor from speed, looks, or uniqueness. However, there are few that can pull off all three pillars. In the case of Kevin Krupski’s 2020 Explorer ST, everyone was taking back at the slammed SUV running 10-second ¼-mile times while looking amazing. The sport utility has now received a complete custom turbo setup and is pushing past the original goals. We look forward to providing more updates as this unique build explores uncharted territory.

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A Wild And Wide Four-Eyed Mustang

It takes a lot for a four-eyed Mustang to stick out from the crowd. Sure a clean Coyote swap will get a few lookers, but what really caught us off guard is the three-inch wider body on this 1986 T-Top Mustang. The Coyote power plant with TREMEC transmission was just a bonus for this feature. Find out more about the long history of this car in the Leonard family here.

Dropped and Coyote Swapped 1968 F-100 Ford Muscle Feature

There is something that will also make me desire an F-100. On this 1968 F-100 it was the stunning blue paint with off-white accents, a Coyote engine mated to a TREMEC transmission and a stance that would break necks when cruising through town. Lamar Peppers prepped this beauty for a gorgeous paint job that he would be applying. Check this beauty out here.

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10,000 RPM and 4,000 Horsepower Equals Pure Happiness

Nothing gets Ford fans more amped up than extreme horsepower numbers. Courtesy of Modular Motorsports Racing, we all had the chance to witness 4,000 horsepower from a Pro-Mod Coyote engine on the dyno. This tall deck engine was strapped in and had two behemoth Garrett turbos spooling for the ultimate eargasm.

Roots-Blown S550 Strikes Curiosity

Speaking of large horsepower, YouTuber Emelia Hartford installed a Roots-blown big-block in her S550 and shocked everyone! We were able to showcase the first start and dyno video. Now we wait to see if Hartford will install the S550’s Coyote engine into her Ford Bronco.

Projects, Get Your Projects, Ford Muscle Projects!

At Ford Muscle we don’t just write about it, we are about it. We just announced Retro 5.0 as a throwback to the bygone era of the almighty small-block Ford. We also introduced a New Edge Mustang Cobra that will become a terror on the road race course. Finally, we installed a few new cooling and breathing treatment to our GT500 street/strip build with a Whipple Intercooler and Kong ported blower and throttle body.

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