Power-Stroke-Powered SUVs Are Back! Meet The MegaRexx SVN

It was way back in the year 2000, that Ford released its then-revolutionary Excursion. It was the largest and heaviest SUV of all time (up to that point). It was also seen as a do-it-all SUV that was produced on the same platform as the Super Duty pickup truck, and with the same powertrain. Excursions were lukewarm with the media, but diesel enthusiasts loved the idea of an SUV that could fit the entire family (plus relatives) inside and still be able to tow a heavy trailer. Unique for that era was an SUV with three-row seating and a 10,000-pound towing capacity.

The MegaRexx SVN is based on a highly-modified Super Duty truck that is converted to a customized and capable SUV with third-row seating

With such a behemoth entering the market, the powertrain had to be similarly robust. Although available with a V8 or V10, many opted for the torquey 7.3-liter diesel engine. While the diesel only produced a mere 250 horsepower, it did offer 525 lb-ft of torque.  Unfortunately for Ford, after selling almost 70,000 units in the first year, an extreme rise in fuel prices led to decreasing demand. Although the Excursion was later fitted with the more problematic 6.0-liter Power Stroke diesel engine, the SUV was retired in 2005. Since its retirement, Excursions have become somewhat prized possessions and prices have more than doubled. Some low-mileage versions have been going for $30,000, or even more.

Enter MegaRexx Trucks! They felt that it was time for a seven-passenger SUV to make a storming return, and like the original, they’re basing its offering on the capabilities of a Super Duty pickup truck. That means serious towing capabilities. For starters, you get the same robust frame and body along with the amenities and tow rating of a brand-new Ford truck. Notoriously underrated, you also get Ford’s “claimed” 475-horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft Power Stroke diesel (more like 550-horsepower and 1,200 lb-ft), and its 10-speed transmission. All the basics of what makes the new Ford Super Duty so great are still there.

The custom rear metal and glass section is a unique feature of the SVN.

Ok now for the big difference — with MegaRexx’s modifications, the “truck” was transformed into an SUV (called the SVN), complete with third-row seating, which now means that it seats seven! Yep, the Excursion has been reborn through the aftermarket. One thing to note is that when looking at the MegaRexx, it looks like an actual SUV. This is thanks to a completely custom-built upper roof section that turns the truck into an SUV. MegaRexx incorporated modern design, as well as an OEM-style fit and finish side glass for the rear section.

One thing that makes the SVN a complete and functional conversion is the seamless integration of the rear interior section into the rest of the vehicle. There’s the third row of seating of course, but they aren’t some throw-in seats. They’re power bucket seats that have been matched to the front two sections of seating. An air conditioning and heater have also been incorporated into the rear section of the vehicle, and even extra lighting has been added for true rear passenger integration. So there, you have the basics, it’s now an SUV, albeit a very well-executed, tastefully done SUV. But of course, there’s more! Isn’t there always?


There’s still plenty of room for whatever you need to carry in the enclosed rear hatch section of the MegaRexx.

When the design team took a stab at creating the SVN, they had a complete vision of what they wanted the truck to look like, and how they wanted it to perform. While stock Super Duty trucks are very capable, there’s always a host of improvements available through the aftermarket. In this case, we’re saying a “host” of modifications is vastly understating it.

The exterior of the vehicle (in addition to being an SUV) has also been redesigned with a slew of modifications. For starters, both the front and rear of the MegaRexx SVN feature custom badging, so someone doesn’t mistake it for a regular Ford offering. It also has extra features for hauling, like a Rhino Rack that’s mounted to the OEM roof racks. There are also black tubular side-steps for easy in-and-out access, and illumination has been upgraded with Morimoto XB LED headlights and fog lights.


The SUV conversion is done extremely well, and the third row features everything you would need, including power seats, heat, and a/c.

The SVN is more capable too, thanks to a 2.5-inch Commuter Suspension System from Carli Suspensions, which lifts the SVN. There’s also a set of slightly more aggressive 35×11.50R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers that are mounted on 20×10-inch Fuel Off-Road Militia wheels. Both the wheels and tires are understated compared to many “show truck” offerings, to keep the real-world street feel to the vehicle.


The wheel, tire, and suspension setup of the MegaRexx features some of the best names on the market and is designed to complement the utility of the SVN perfectly.

Perhaps what sets the MegaRexx SVN apart from the rest of the crowd is that it’s not just a bunch of parts cobbled together — it’s a vehicle that has been built to recognize a singular vision of an ultra-capable diesel SUV. For more info on the MegaRexx and other offerings, check out Megarexxtrucks.com

If you already own a Super Duty and would like a complete conversion to a MegaRexx that’s an option too. Conversions start at around $40,000.

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