Retro Meet Cruises Rad Rides Into Bowling Green, Kentucky

Usually when a group of friends sit around deciding on how to organize a party, things either spiral into abyss or turn into something completely awesome. Thankfully, for cronies Harris Lue, Mike Clay, and Michael Clark the latter prevailed. The three friends all loved Mustangs and the ‘80s and ‘90s, but felt like Mustang Week was overshadowed with parties geared towards the SN95 and newer Mustangs. The lack of love for the Fox Body seemed to leave owners of the 1979-1993 chassis in the corner. To change this, Harris and his girlfriend and business partner, Emily Butler decided to create an event that not only catered to the Fox Body, but also to all retro Fords and the era they existed in.

After crafting the idea they approached Stephen Pease and William Couch, who own the venue Suck Bank Blow. The establishment is well known for its ability to host hundreds of bikers during Bike Week and provided ample room to park cars out front and even host a burnout box in the back parking lot. The owners fostered the idea and even helped organize and expand as the years went by.


Aerials photography by Daniel Hanlon Photography

After six years, the Retro Meet has grown to become the largest after-hours event at Mustang Week. Each year, the biker-themed bar quickly converts to a Mustang-centric facility with a Fox Body themed menu and a plethora of Fox Body Mustangs and SHO cars outlying the facility. At the 2022 Mustang Week, they even had professional drifters on course creating a smoke show to be forever remembered. Following the completion of the 2022 Mustang Week, the crew decided to take the show on the road and host a second event. This time the town of Bowling Green, Kentucky, will play host to the rad rides soiree during the 2022 Holley Ford Fest.


Since 2017, Emily, my girlfriend & business partner, and I have planned, organized, and hosted the Retro Meet with a group of our friends and built it into something truly unique with a little something for anyone that enjoys awesome cars, a good party, and paying homage to the ’80s & ’90s! Harris Lue

From left to right, Evel, Harris Lue, Emily Butler, and Suck Bang Blow Owner William Couch.

While Harris Lue and Emily continue to push forward on making the Retro Meet flourish, the community has been extremely receptive. Attendance has grown and the party has continued on. Just think, three friends sitting around talking about their love for an era, has turned into the after-party event you don’t want to miss. You can check out the Retro Meet at 8 PM October 1st, 2022 at Beechbend Raceway Park.

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