SEMA 2022: Galloping Around SEMA Seeking Bronco Builds

The SEMA Show did not disappoint this year despite many of the top manufacturers not participating. Ford Motor Company is known for their big display booth and take over outside with its Ford Out Front experience. However, when they opted out of the show for this year, everyone was a little concerned. Even though there was a lack of an official Ford booth, there definitely wasn’t a lack of Ford vehicles. Being the Ford Bronco enthusiast I am, I decided to run the halls of SEMA to go on a Bronco hunt.

Last year, it was a rarity to even have your hands on a sixth-generation Ford Bronco and although there are more on the market now, they are still a rarity to see. I decided that I would check out the West Hall first, since it is the hall dedicated to off-road & overland vehicles. If you ventured through the West Hall of The SEMA Show, you would think someone hit the Bronco jackpot as rigs were built up with Baja Kits, wide fenders, wheels, and headlights.

It was nice to see not only Broncos built with the latest and greatest mods, but to see overlanding options soon to hit the market for the Bronco. Although I wasn’t too surprised to see many Broncos in the West Hall, I was surprised to see the Bronco takeover in other halls.

Much to my surprise, the experience didn’t end at the West Hall. I was shocked to see the Ford Bronco on display for exhaust companies, tuner companies, wheel & tire companies, and many non off-road dominant companies. The Bronco seemed to be the star of The SEMA Show with its appearance found throughout.

As the love of Ford continues to grow, I am sure the accessories and mods available will only grow along with it. This year at The SEMA show, it definitely reflected what Bronco owners have been begging for, more accessories to be made available for their rigs.

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