The Quick Draw: A 9-Second VMP Performance-Equipped S550 Mustang

It’s safe to say that the majority of automotive enthusiasts’ interest in cars started at an early age. Whether through the magazine rack at the local Barnes and Noble or through the television screen, whatever the inciting medium is, one thing remains constant: an attraction to cars that can easily be provoked at any time. For Thomas Querry it all started by watching PowerBlock TV, the predecessor to what is now called PowerNation TV. As Danica Patrick hosted the show, a young Querry set his aim on one day building a car just as cool as what he had seen on the screen.


Photo credit: Ben Shackelford for KC Photography

Querry’s interest in cars evolved from simply watching it on the television, to attending car shows and racing events frequently. This introduction to the car culture in person had a profound effect on his mind. Instead of wanting to just build a cool car, he wanted to build a life around motorsports. So, like any other young enthusiast wanting big power in a lightweight chassis, a Fox Body Mustang was an easy choice. After a short search, a gutted 1993 Mustang hatchback caught his eyes.

Creature comforts aside, the 1993 Mustang provided the perfect starting point for one to learn all things automotive. The car became the building block of knowledge for him. In the end the car would become a nitrous-huffing Windsor backed by a built reverse-shifted C4 transmission. The car remained on a diet with full tubular suspension and Holeshot wheels. The list of race car parts would continue, as would his love for racing and attending cruises.

While the Pennsylvania summer and fall provided the perfect weather for cruising and racing, the downfall of winter hit hard. Instead of switching into a cold-weather motorsport, it was time to move to a warmer climate for year-round fun. Unfortunately, this meant letting go of the old Fox Body. However, relocating to Florida meant more tracks, more events, and of course more seat time. It wouldn’t be long before he was back into the mindset from 15 years prior.

As he tried to suppress his love of cars with other hobbies, including competitive shooting programs, it would all boil over when attending Cleetus and Cars at the Freedom Factory in Bradenton, Florida. The attraction was back and this time unavoidable. Instead of seeking out a drag car, he desired something that could also handle car shows, cruises, and date nights comfortably. This desire resulted in a few trips to the dealership before being attracted to a Magnetic Grey S550 Mustang. The leftover Mustang was waiting on the lot and left completely stock. It was a blank slate waiting to be molded into the car he desired.

Separating the average Mustang from this S550 rocket is a set of Billet Specialties wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson tires, a Cervini cowl-induction hood, and suspension from Kelltrac Innovations and BMR Suspension.

Querry decided to forgo the nitrous and move onto a forced induction setup, however, he had been out of the car game for 15 years, and the S550 Mustang was three generations newer. His nitrous small-block Ford knowledge wasn’t enough to keep him competitive. After researching shops, he locked in a relationship with VMP Performance to guide him through his build process. It wasn’t long after purchase – 400 miles to be exact – that the Mustang was on jackstands anticipating its first round of modifications.

“Thomas started with our full emission- legal VMP Performance ODIN supercharger kit, but wanted to add a few things for the track,” Justin Starkey, VMP Performance owner explains. “We added the ODIN underhood ice tank, Atlas Bracket for more belt wrap with smaller pulleys, and a VMP Performance plug-and-play return system fuel system that can support 1,100-horsepower.”


Sitting on top of the Gen-3 Coyote is a VMP Performance ODIN supercharger. The supercharger provides enough horsepower to push the S550 Mustang into the 9-second range without sacrificing street manners.

The newly-developed VMP Performance ODIN supercharger kit features EATON TVS 2.65 rotors, an all-new front inlet, and twin intercoolers in the lid. As the name suggests, the kit provides a one-stop shop for a supercharger build that included the supercharger, pulley, triple-pass dual fan heat exchanger, cold air intake, twinjet 69mm throttle body, injectors, fuel pump voltage booster, and tuning.

Querry wanted the most powerful setup that VMP Performance made, and the ODIN supercharger kit was it. However, with E85 readily available and Starkey providing the tune, the 56 lb-hr Ford Performance injectors were replaced in favor of a complete fuel system that could support 1,100 horsepower.

Working with the folks at VMP throughout the entire process was awesome. I had some questions, especially being absent from the car game for the last decade, they were there for me every time. Thomas Querry

The build wouldn’t stop at a simple supercharger kit, though. The creature comforts that Querry had desired for his new vehicle would put the S550 Mustang 1,500 pounds heavier than his Fox Body. The instant power from the ODIN supercharger would help get the car off the line, but the chassis needed some attention to make it hook. To achieve this, he enlisted the help of Kelltrac Innovations and BMR Suspension. Kelltrac struts combined with BMR drag springs ensured the supercharged Gen-3 Coyote’s power was making its way to the ground.

As VMP Performance provided the power needed to keep the Mustang competitive and Kelltrac and BMR made sure that power was being transmitted to the pavement, a few upgrades were needed to ensure the drivetrain could handle it. The driveshaft would be upgraded to an aluminum unit from The Driveshaft Shop, and the axles would be upgraded to G-Force. The stock wheels would be exchanged for a set of Billet Specialities Win-Lites with 18-inch front and 17-inch rears. The front wheels were wrapped in Mickey Thompson Sportsman, while the rear wheels received Mickey Thompson ET Street tires.

“I was honestly hoping for a car to make a 10 second pass, maybe dip in the 9s with good weather conditions. That box got checked on its third pass,” says Querry.

Now that Querry was back in the racing fold, it wasn’t long until he was attending and competing in events. Although severely outgunned, he decided to run his single power-adder Mustang against a stout field at the 2022 FL2K event. Comparison would be the thief of joy, but he was thrilled with the event and that the car ran a personal best of a 9.53 at 146 mph. Remind yourself, this is on a stock engine S550 with nothing more than a VMP Performance ODIN supercharger kit and fuel system added!


Photo Credit: Tiffany Shackelford for KC Photography

“This car is a blast to drive. Again, I can’t say enough about  VMP Performance… the tuning support they provide is second to none. I was worried that drivability would be compromised for better performance, but that’s not the case,” Querry states. “This car drives like a stock car until you get heavy on the skinny pedal. Oh, and when you want it, that ODIN supercharger delivers instant smiles.”

While performance shops are a dime a dozen, Querry’s build showcases the importance of finding the right shop for the right products the first time. VMP Performance’s complete packages with both the ODIN supercharger and the plug-and-play fuel system meant that Querry could spend more time wrenching in the garage, versus seeking out products to complete the phase. We’re excited to see that Querry made his way back into motorsports and will continue to campaign his VMP Performance-equipped S550 Mustang in events across the southeast.


A young Querry would be proud of where he would end up later in life. Not only does he own a cool car like the ones he saw on PowerBlock TV, but it runs the quarter-mile in 9-seconds to boot!

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