PRI 2022: Top 5 Mustangs We Found At The 2022 PRI Show

The Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana, is where anyone in the performance aspect of the automotive industry goes annually. While related to SEMA, the PRI show gravitates more towards the racing spectrum than just the aftermarket. You can find companies geared towards various forms of motorsports lining the rows with new products. Over 1,100 companies showcase their products and services to an astounding 70,000 attendees. Similar to Hot Rod alley at SEMA, PRI has cars positioned throughout the building. You may run into a Pro Mod on one aisle and a PreRunner on the next.

The PRI show isn’t a contest of who has the fastest vehicle though, but rather a show that revolves around the culture of modifying cars to race and thoroughly enjoying doing so. Here are a few of the cars that caught our attention, as we walked through the halls of the Indianapolis Convention Center at the 2022 PRI Show.

Marital Bliss – JoAnna Iacobelli’s 2018 Mustang GT
If you spend any amount of time at various Ford functions across the country, you’ll run into a pair of color-matched Mustangs that belong to JoAnna Iacobelli and her Husband Bryan. While Bryan rocks an SN95, JoAnna’s pride is a 2018 Mustang GT. She bought the car when it was new with Ingot silver paint before having it wrapped in Gloss Atomic Teal to match her husband’s car.

JoAnna’s S550 sports a built engine with Diamond pistons, Manley rods, Boss crankshaft, and Frankenstein heads. On top of the Coyote sits a ported Whipple Gen5 3.0-liter supercharger. A Fathouse Performance cage resides inside and a full Steeda suspension package keeps the car planted. The car runs on Ignite Red and is tuned with an HPTuner by JoAnna’s dad, Lidio. This is one bad street car that can hold its own on the dragstrip, as well.

No-Prep, No Problem – David Tullier’s Drag Fox
The No-Prep scene exploded after Street Outlaws aired a few years back. While the PRI show has plenty of the original characters on site, there’s a few others that have raced with them over the years. David Tullier is one and his Fox Body Mustang is the prime example of what these cars consisted of when it all started. Under the hood of this Mustang is a 427 cubic-inch Ford with a 106mm turbo in front of it. A three-speed TH400 is mated to the backside. While buddies Scott Travis, Todd Spears, and Moby Smith help with the car, David Tullier drives it with aim for the winner’s circle.

Built With Corners In Mind, Boosted on Ford’s Dime – EcoBoost Fox Body
The Fox Body Mustang has become accustomed to have the blasphemy of a junkyard truck engine of the bowtie variety installed between its strut towers. The owner of this Mustang took a completely different approach with a Ford EcoBoost engine. Since the EcoBoost is known for making great torque at low rpm, it makes for a great autocross choice. However, it wasn’t just the EcoBoost engine that set this Fox apart.

On the exterior the flashy green was offset by Forgeline wheels that hid a massive set of Alcon brake calipers. The interior was transformed with a complete S550 Mustang swap including center console and dashboard. Aside from reeling the crowd towards it, this Fox Body Mustang managed to combine a modern interior and powerplant with the classic lines of the 90s.

Not Too Slow – Chris Lee’s Four-Eyed Hatchback
Although he goes by TooSlo EightySix on social media, his hatchback is anything but. Up until the Gen-2 Coyote engine was swapped in, the car held the second place spot on the 50 Fastest Stock Short block NA 5.0 pushrod list on the Ford Mustang Forum. After running this setup for over a decade, the switch was made to install the Coyote engine and return to the NMRA. Now the car is returning to race duty and will be attacking the drag strip from Norwalk, Ohio, to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

A First Generation Mustang With A Fiery Punch
There are always a few cars that bring back a feeling of nostalgia at PRI. They are usually packed with classic paint jobs, retro styling, and sometimes a mix of modern performance. This 1966 Mustang coupe did all that and more for us!

Under the hood was a nitrous-huffing 347 stroker engine that required two four-barrel carburetors to supply enough fuel to the small-block beast. The outside sported a cloak of custom paint, while the interior was upholstered with a completely new interior. Our only change for this hot-rod would be the scenery, as we would love to see this car at the dragstrip rather than the red carpet of the Indianapolis Convention Center

…Until Next Year!

While all of these cars listed aren’t nearly as fast as some of Pro Mod builds found throughout the building, they carry the same love for racing just as much. Everything from autocross, road racing, and of course drag racing have made the mustang a multi-motorsports car that spung from the grassroots garage and developed an entire performance racing industry around them. We look forward to catching these cars throughout the 2023 season!

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