Ford Performance Gives Your Bronco Something To Sport

Ford Performance has stepped up their game when it comes to the Ford Bronco. You wouldn’t think that off-roaders would be as interested in performance, like Mustang owners, but that is far from the truth. From accessories and lights to calibrations and exhaust, Ford Performance is making its way into the Ford Bronco community, so let’s dig in and take a look at the Ford Performance 2.3-liter Sport Exhaust.

As far as options, there aren’t many to choose from when it comes to the exhaust. You first have to choose if you need the exhaust for your 2.3-liter or your 2.7-liter Ford Bronco. You will see that once you choose your selection, you are left with two choices, both being their Sport Exhaust. You are now left with deciding if you want to go with the chrome tips or the black chrome tips. I went with the black chrome tips because I think the look of it goes well with my Bronco.


The axle back exhaust system features 2.75-inch inlet & 2.5-inch tailpipes with ultra-smooth mandrel bends and superior craftsmanship. One of the perks of going with Ford Performance is that it uses the stock hangers and mounts. It’s uniquely designed and tuned to provide optimum performance, aggressive sound, and durability. Not only does it sound good, but it boasts high-quality 304 stainless steel and the 3.5-inch black chrome-plated stainless steel tips finish the aggressive look.

The 2.3-liter Sport Exhaust has a nice tone to it and isn’t too loud for those that do a lot of daily driving. If you’re looking for an exhaust system that will turn heads without being overly loud, then this is the system for you. I have driven thousands of miles on this exhaust and haven’t been disappointed. When I’m just driving around town, I sometimes forget that I have it on, but the second I accelerate, I am quickly reminded of the aggressive sound that the Ford Performance Sport Exhaust gives.

I am curious to see what is next for the Ford Bronco community when it comes to Ford Performance parts. Many of us are hopeful for more performance parts by the powerhouse. Starting off with the exhaust was a good choice, but if you are really looking for more power gains, I highly suggest checking out the Ford Performance calibration that was recently released for the Ford Bronco.

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