Project 4MyCrew: Restomod Build Of A 1978 F-250 Crew Cab Starts Now!

What can we say? We love old trucks and we revere modern performance. So, why not start a new project vehicle build that combines the two? Our starting point for this platform is a crusty old 1978 Ford F-250 Crew Cab. 

Project 4MyCrew: Starting Point

Wait a minute, this might already sound familiar and similar to the 1969 F-100 Project F-Word. Well, you nailed it. We had so much fun and success with the F-Word truck, Ivan the vehicle owner started to feel a little selfish. No one else, not even his dog could enjoy it. 

Project 4MyCrew was concepted around the idea of being a friends and family hauler. Something for the entire crew. And of course, it would need to be a 4×4 as well. Ivan sourced the ideal starting point truck, with good structural bones, but would also present the classic vintage look that he desired. 

The truck was found in Texas and is all original. The second owner bought the truck in 2003 and has stored it tucked away inside a garage ever since. Apparently, it was last registered in 2006, and coincidently is the last time it was running.

Project 4MyCrew: Starting Point

Ivan purchased this truck in the fall of 2022, and as the 3rd owner, has designs to make this into something we can all appreciate. A big old 1978 4×4 F-250 Crew Cab restomodded with modern powertrain, drivetrain, and suspension. 

Project 4MyCrew: Rendering

Project 4MyCrew: Restomod Build Of A 1978 F-250 Crew Cab Starts Now!

Not even a day after the truck was picked up in Texas and trailer out to Tennessee, Ivan has already begun the long tedious transformation process.  

“When I got the truck, it wasn’t running well,” Ivan explains. “First thing was to drop a new OPTIMA Red Top Battery in there. After that, I drained the fuel tank, replaced the fuel pump, and installed a new fuel filter. What do you know, the truck fired right up after that. After checking all the fluids & adding coolant, I realized two freeze plugs needed to be replaced. We took care of that and have since started to put some miles on it. “

Project 4MyCrew: Starting Point

“So far, I have clocked about 100 miles on the truck and it’s running great. To say the least, I am excited about this one. We are going to transform this vehicle into something really useable and family-friendly. It will be comfortable and functional. A classic vintage-looking four-wheel drive truck with superior modern performance. You got to appreciate that!”

Project 4MyCrew: Starting Point

Ivan has wasted no time and the project vehicle is getting worked on constantly. The truck looks like it is in decent shape, but they are considering what it will take to restore and preserve the original paint and body. They are also making plans to build and install a modern V8 powerplant. This will all be revealed when the build plan is formalized. Stay tuned to Off Road Xtreme for a truckload of content on the Project 4MyCrew 1978 F-250 Crew Cab.

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