Enter To Win A Special Edition Saleen SA-40 From Cruise For A Cause

Saleen recently celebrated its 40th anniversary by introducing a new vehicle known as the SA-40. While the convertible Mustang features 800 horsepower of Coyote power, the Speedlab Yellow paint and aggressive aesthetics is what caught the attention of most Ford enthusiasts. That should not come as a surprise though, as Steve Saleen has rarely shied away from bringing boisterous body modifications and horsepower to Ford’s pony car. For those wanting this limited and exclusive vehicle you have two options, be on the short list and pay a $140,000 price tag or enter to win a chance of owning it through Cruise for a Cause.

Saleen SA-40

If you’re unfamiliar with Cruise for a Cause, then let me fill you in. Dan Neve was a Mustang enthusiast who had set his eyes on a 2010 Shelby GT500. Before the purchase, he learned that both his mother and his wife had breast cancer only a few months apart from each other. Instead of using the new GT500 as a track toy, he decided it was better used to bring attention to cancer research. The black Shelby GT500 went on to have pink livery and was eventually invited to be part of the Ford booth at the SEMA show. This kickstarted the 503c known as Cruise For A Cause.

Now, instead of promoting cancer research with livery only, he is giving those who donate a chance to win something big. Last year a 2022 Heritage Edition Shelby GT500 was the giveaway. The GT500 was not stock though and featured goodies from Anderson Composites, Signature Wheels, and VMP Performance. This round the exclusivity jumps immensely with a 1 of 10 Saleen SA-40 edition Mustang up for grabs.

Tickets can be purchased for as little as $25 for a pack of 10 and bulk ticket purchases are available through the website. If the idea of winning a very limited Saleen vehicle is something you desire, head on over to Cruise For A Cause for your chance.

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