Shelby Ventures Off-Road With 800 Horsepower Centennial F-150

While many Shelby enthusiasts know of Carroll Shelby’s Terlingua Race Team and its obvious desert location, few know just how involved Carroll was with the off-road scene, myself included. However, being a Texan and visiting the Big Bend area in a semi-annual fashion, I can attest that if you want to go off-road, Texas has plenty of land in which to do so. Apparently, Carroll Shelby felt the same and had a fleet of off-road vehicles ready to tackle a day in the desert. 

“Many considered Carroll Shelby the original ‘most interesting man in the world’ while he was alive, and we’re highlighting the many intriguing facets of the legend during our 2023 Centennial celebration,” says Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “Carroll loved motoring both on and off the road, especially in rugged terrain. He would trek across the desert on both two- and four-wheel vehicles. His Terlingua, Texas, ranch even owned the first production Ford Bronco. We’re honoring that Shelby heritage with a special off-road truck that recalls his adventures.”  

Shelby American couldn’t just take a modern F-150 and add a graphics package before calling it a day. To truly pay homage to the legendary Carroll, they had to make sure this truck was modified in a similar fashion to anything seen on the Terlingua ranch. The truck would need to have the ability to handle the abuse of off-road adventures and the power to enjoy doing it. 

When creating a top-tier vehicle, you first need to start with something other than the base model. Shelby American started with a Lariat 4×4 SuperCrew with a 5.0-liter Coyote engine between its strut towers. This configuration makes 400 horsepower, but let’s be honest, if you’re going after a Shelby Centennial Edition truck you’re going to want the optional Whipple Gen 5 3.8-liter supercharger package, as well. The supercharged options bumps the price from $129,495 to $138,495, but for only $9,000 extra you will have 800 horsepower available at all times! 

While having 800 horsepower on tap sounds like a blast, Shelby American upgraded the suspension to match with FOX shocks that feature internal bypass technology and adjustable dual speed controls. As the suspension keeps the ride smooth through rough terrain, occupants can enjoy an interior that has been completely redesigned for style, comfort, and utility.  The seats are recovered with a two-tone leather recovering complete with Centennial Edition logos, official Shelby serial number, and Shelby floor mats. 

If you’re interested in finding an off-road adventure of your own or maybe a pilgrimage to the historic Terlingua ranch, then you’ll need to hurry, as Shelby American is only building 100 of these Centennial Edition trucks for the United States!

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