We Take the Ford Performance FP700 F-150 Out For A Spin

When Ford Performance showcased the all-new Whipple Superchargers package for the 2021-23 F-150 at the 2021 SEMA show, I was elated. Now, that supercharger is being implemented into the FP700 package. That supercharger boosts power to 700 horsepower, but is also a dealer-installed option with tuning and warranty retention included. My mind couldn’t help but race back to the heydays of the SVT operation, which brought us the second-generation Lightning and Harley-Davidson editions that became cult favorites among Ford enthusiasts.

It has been nine years since the SVT operation existed. Since then, there hasn’t been a complete performance package from Ford Performance that allows owners to distinguish their F-150 from the masses in terms of power and aesthetics. All of that changed at SEMA, but before I could determine if this was a success or not, we had to go for a ride in one.

Ford Performance FP700


The Complete FP700 Package

Amidst the tents of Ford Performance and Ford Motor Company at the Carlisle Ford Nationals, a pair of Ford Performance FP700-equipped F-150s caught my attention. One truck offered an up-close look at the FP700 Black Edition while the other featured the FP700 Bronze Edition. The blue crew-cab looked familiar from the SEMA show, but it was the black single-cab that quickly grabbed my attention. Despite being married and having four kids, I can’t help but love the aesthetics of a single-cab F-150.

As with most modern F-150s, replacing the factory grille and wheels can quickly transform the looks of the truck. In this case, Ford Performance opted for a set of sleek 22-inch wheels that are 9.5 inches wide and are adorned with black lug nuts. A gloss black Lariat-style grille becomes the face of the truck, and the bespoke styling cues continue towards the rear with unique Ford Performance side vents, side graphics, and tailgate lettering. However, no truck is complete without a proper stance, and the FP700 kit offers that by lowering the rear.

It’s easy to get caught up in the looks, but the true value of the kit lies out of sight under the hood. Sitting atop the Gen-3 Coyote engine is a Gen-5 Whipple  3.0-liter supercharger. This positive-displacement blower pumps up Ford’s 400 horsepower and 410 lb-ft 5.0-liter engine to a staggering 700 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. Ford engineers collaborated with Whipple to develop a tune that is not only CARB-certified and 50-state legal but also comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty when installed by a Ford dealership or certified ASE mechanic.

700 Reasons Why

We could discuss the components of the Ford Performance FP700 kit all day, but it wouldn’t do it justice. So, after a few persuasive texts near the end of the show, I managed to secure a ride with Mike Goodwin, Product Manager Engines/Drivetrain at Ford Performance Parts. I’d like to think I was doing Mike a favor by sparing him the booth teardown process, but in reality, the honor was be all mine. I just didn’t know it yet. 

Climbing into the truck revealed a set of clean Ford Performance floor mats that I may have unintentionally left my size 12 imprint on, covered in Carlisle’s dust. As I tried to apologize to Mike, I noticed his side was also coated in a weekend’s worth of dust from working the event. We then made our way towards a super-secret exit located on the backside of the fairgrounds, while the truck emitted a calm but deep rumble, even at idle.

Ford Performance FP700

The truck’s docility piqued my curiosity as the initial drive out of town provided a tranquil smoothness unlike what other 700 horsepower vehicles have offered me before. The stock exhaust was audibly present, perhaps slightly louder due to the tuning, but there was no drone. If I hadn’t visually seen the Whipple Supercharger under the hood, I might have had my doubts.

While processing the truck’s demeanor, we entered the highway and needed to catch up to the pace of traffic. It was at this moment that the accelerator hit the floor, the tachometer shot up, and the Whipple Supercharger began to whine. The acceleration pushed me into the back of my seat, but unlike other vehicles that proudly announce their acceleration to the surrounding masses, the FP700 F-150 was as smooth as if we were accelerating normally, just at a much faster pace. If we hadn’t played it safe, I’m sure we would have exceeded double digits on the speedometer far too quickly.

Once we returned to town, the truck maintained its street manners. As Mike’s crew texted us dinner plans that appeared on the center screen, we continued our conversation without raising our voices in the slightest. Upon arriving back at the rental car, I hopped out and as I began to walk away, I heard Mike punch it one last time. The joyous sounds of a supercharged Coyote engine erupted from the tailpipes, leaving me with one last impression of a job well done by the Ford Performance team.

Ford Performance FP700

A Visceral Feeling

The FP700 turns an ordinary 2021-23 F-150 into a 700-horsepower monster without compromising drivability. The package’s versatility, available for both two-wheel and four-wheel drive trucks in single-cab or crew-cab configurations, makes it accessible to the masses without needing to seek out special VINs from limited production vehicles. While the ability to engage in conversations while merging into traffic with high acceleration is one of the many perks, for me, the truck is more visceral than visual, and that speaks volumes considering its impressive aesthetic package.


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