Readers Rig: Tim Fritz’s Cherry 7.3-liter-Powered 1970 F-350

1970 F-350

Meet Tim Fritz, the proud owner of a remarkable truck that’s not only a reflection of his passion but also a testament to his skills as a dedicated craftsman. We met Tim while walking the grounds at the 2023 Bloomsburg 4-Wheel Jamboree. Tim’s truck is a carefully curated masterpiece that marries the aesthetics of a 1970 Ford F-350 body with the brawny underpinnings of a 1979 F-250 Lowboy frame. The fusion of these classic elements sets the stage for a truly unique and powerful driving experience.

At the heart of this mechanical marvel, Tim has installed a 7.3-liter Power Stroke engine from a 1997 model year, effectively marrying the best of modern diesel technology with the timeless aesthetics of the past. Complementing this heart is a 1999 ZF6 manual six-speed transmission, emphasizing Tim’s dedication to craftsmanship and the thrill of driving a manual gearbox.

Tim’s attention to detail extends to the differentials, with a Dana 60 Kingpin in the front and a Sterling 10-1/4 at the rear, both equipped with 4.10 gearing. This careful selection ensures that his truck is ready to tackle various terrains with ease while maintaining impressive power and stability.

They just don't make them like they used to.

The truck’s design philosophy revolves around power and practicality, aligning perfectly with Tim’s vision. He shared that he assembled this incredible machine 13 years ago out of a desire for a diesel-powered truck that would deliver robust performance without overheating issues. The truck’s reliability and capability have exceeded his expectations, and Tim attributes this success to the Power Stroke’s enduring power delivery and efficiency. With an engine combination that is theoretically capable of producing around 500 horsepower, Tim’s creation is no slouch on the road. Power is fed with 160cc injectors and expelled via a 4-inch exhaust system.

But power isn’t the only aspect that matters to Tim. He also values comfort, as evidenced by his customizations. The dash, sourced from a 1997 Super Duty, was ingeniously modified to fit within the confines of the early Ford and still house air conditioning components. This ensures that Tim can enjoy his ride even on the hottest of days, relishing the ice-cold air while cruising in style.

Although it has been in this condition for at least 13 years, it certainly doesn't look that way!

Tim’s choice of 41.5 Pitbull tires mounted on 12-inch-wide Weld wheels adds to the truck’s rugged character while maintaining a balanced stance. This combination not only enhances the truck’s aesthetics but also contributes to its off-road prowess. Notably, Tim’s creation features an Edge Products tuner that optimizes performance without compromising reliability. With an impressive fuel efficiency of 13 miles per gallon, the truck’s power is harnessed responsibly, making it a practical yet thrilling choice for both daily driving and adventures.

From its inception to its current state, Tim Fritz’s 1970 F-350 is a labor of love that showcases his skill, dedication, and love for the open road. Hailing from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Tim’s truck is not just a vehicle, it’s a representation of his automotive enthusiasm.


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