Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally: Here’s The Dirt On This Dirt-Ready EV

We introduced you to the dirt-ready Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally EV back in July, but at the time limited information was available. Well, Ford has trotted out a trove of details on this intriguing, all-electric, rally-inspired vehicle.

What is the Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally EV?

What is the Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally EV, exactly? Well, it’s a rally-inspired version of the Mustang Mach-E GT. The Rally is designed to “live on tarmac and play in the dirt.” This is often the type of claim reserved for an off-road package SUV or pickup truck. As we all know, most any car can be pointed onto dirt roads, but not all cars will be happy there. And some may not survive the experience without protesting in the form of poor performance and/or broken or blown components. With that said, to live up to the “play in the dirt” claim Ford infused the Mach-E Rally with several off-road-friendly features.

Off-Road Tested at Ford’s Proving Grounds

Donna Dickson, Chief Engineer, Mustang Mach-E, says that the Mach-E Rally came to fruition relatively quickly. “Just a year ago, this was merely an idea, and what you see today is a testament to the passion and intense creativity of our Model e team. We have always explored new areas of performance, and the combination of a rally-tuned suspension, dual motor electric powertrain, and wicked styling makes the Mustang Mach-E Rally a different kind of performance vehicle that will excite customers chasing their next adventure.” To thoroughly test the Mach-E Rally Ford built a rally course at its Michigan Proving Ground. Rally course veterans oversaw the course design and it reflects what the vehicle may see out in the real world. Engineers and technicians flung Mach-E Rally prototypes around the course in 500-mile tests. These durability trials ensured the car lived up to its design intent.

Powertrain, RallySport, Tires, Wheels

The Mustang Mach-E Rally has a Mach-E GT dual-motor powertrain that has been tuned to provide at least 480 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. That torque number is slightly increased from the GT model. Those numbers look like fun and to ensure that’s the case Ford has fitted the car with RallySport Drive Mode. The first-ever application of RallySport Drive Mode includes added yaw for bigger slides. This means the Mach-E Rally can be thrown through curves harder with less computer intervention. RallySport Drive Mode also includes a linear throttle response (less sensitive) designed for better control. Also, the mode increases the damping of the MagneRide shocks for better control in loose corners. Finally, the Mach-E Rally gets 235/55R19 Michelin CrossClimate2 tires that have more sidewall and more loose-surface grip than Mach-E GT tires. The tires are mounted on gloss white rally-style wheels.

Underneath the Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally EV

Ground clearance is important when venturing off the paved road. It helps keep vulnerable components away from protruding obstacles or terra firma. To give the Mach-E Rally a bit more height the car received a 3/4-inch suspension lift. And to protect the motors when gravel or debris is hucked up by the tires the Rally is fitted with protective shielding. A set of four-wheel disc brakes are on duty to rein in forward velocity. The Rally gets 15.2-inch front rotors and red Brembo calipers. In the suspension department, specially tuned springs join the MagneRide shocks.

Unique Appearance

There’s no visual confusion when it comes to spotting the Mach-E Rally. The Rally stands out whether it’s parked with its Mach-E siblings or just about any other car. The Rally includes a pair of racing stripes as a standard feature, and it has several contrasting accents that include a black painted roof. Six colors are available for the Rally. Other exterior features include a fascia that houses a pair of rally-inspired fog lights, a high-mount front recovery point, and protective film on the door cladding and fender arches. Furthermore, dealer-installed mud flaps are available to reduce debris spray. A Focus RS-inspired rear spoiler resides out back.

Other Mach-E Rally Features and Info

The interior of the Mach-E Rally has gloss white accents throughout that tie in with the wheels. There’s also Ford-designed performance seats. The Rally has an EPA estimated range of up to 250 miles. A 91 kWh battery provides power and Ford says it will charge from 10 to 80 percent in about 36.5 minutes using a DC fast charger. The Mach-E Rally has a targeted base price of $65,000 in the U.S. and deliveries will begin in early 2024.

The Bottom Line

Ford has made some intriguing vehicles over the years, and we think the Mach-E Rally is one of the most fascinating. The mix of electrification, crossover versatility, eye-catching visual features, and go-fast dirt-centric mods is a cool combination. We especially like the RallySport Drive Mode. Aside from its benefits in rally-style dirt driving it could prove beneficial for powering through curvy, snowy roads or even sandy trails. Electrified will have more info on the Mustang Mach-E Rally as it becomes available.

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