One That Got Away: Diesel-Powered Ford Everest Misses U.S.

As per usual, the American market was skipped over for something cool from an auto manufacturer. For years, we’ve discussed different cars and trucks developed for Australia, Asia, or Europe that stateside enthusiasts would buy up in droves. Well, we’ve got another one to add to the list. The diesel-powered Ford Everest is the ultimate SUV designated for foreign markets. This mid-size SUV, we have a feeling, would be a crazy-popular option among Americans, however, we’ll never really know.

Diesel-Powered Ford Everest

The Ford Everest is an SUV that has gained popularity, especially in markets where rugged, off-road capabilities and spacious interiors are essential. While the Everest is available with various engine options globally, including gasoline engines, a notable variant is the diesel-powered Ford Everest. The diesel engine option provides a robust and efficient choice for drivers seeking substantial torque and fuel efficiency.

A Ford Ranger with a more livable cabin, in our eyes.

The diesel-powered Ford Everest features a turbocharged diesel engine, offering impressive torque, which is especially advantageous for off-road driving and towing. The diesel engine’s torque provides the Everest with excellent low-end power, making it suitable for challenging terrains and heavy loads. Moreover, diesel engines are known for their fuel efficiency, allowing drivers to cover long distances without frequent refueling stops.

Off-Road Gusto

In addition to its powerful performance, the diesel Ford Everest shares the Ford Ranger platform and comes equipped with advanced technology and features. This includes off-road driving modes, traction control systems, and hill descent control, enhancing the vehicle’s capability to tackle rough terrains. Inside, drivers can expect a spacious and comfortable cabin, often with third-row seating options, making it a practical choice for families and adventurers alike.

Safety features, such as multiple airbags, advanced braking systems, and stability control, are usually integrated to ensure a secure driving experience. Infotainment systems with touchscreen displays, smartphone integration, and advanced navigation are also common features in the Ford Everest.

Regrettably, Americans won’t have the opportunity to experience the Ford Everest. The 2022 model found its way to markets in Thailand and Vietnam, and another version called the Everest Wildtrak V6 made its debut in Thailand and New Zealand earlier this year. Ford has emphasized that the Everest’s specifications vary based on its destination. Depending on the region, it can be equipped with a 3.0L turbodiesel V6, two 2.0L turbodiesel inline-fours, or a 2.3L EcoBoost gasoline engine.


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