LMR Cruise In Set To Take Over Texas Motor Speedway

The Lone Star state is anything but small, boasting a sizable community of car enthusiasts. Finding performance vehicles while cruising through almost any Texas town is not a difficult task. However, rallying an entire state and its neighboring ones to gather in one location is no small feat! While the presence of classic car shows and local Cars and Coffee events exist, none rival the Late Model Restoration (LMR) Cruise In and its ability to showcase the performance Ford market from 1979 to present. 

Bigger And Better

Since the inaugural LMR Cruise In, each successive year has witnessed a remarkable increase in size. Initially hosted at its headquarters in Hewitt, Texas, just outside of Waco, the event outgrew the confines of the warehouse district quickly. Subsequently, it found a new home at Baylor University’s stadium, where even a college campus was too small for the amount of Ford Mustang and Lightning loyalists. Recognizing the growing fervor, LMR eventually moved the event to Texas Motor Speedway, a venue known for its love of Motorsports.

While size alone doesn’t guarantee quality, the LMR Cruise In sets itself apart. Rare gems like the 1993, 1995, and 2000 SVT Cobra R, with only a few hundred left in existence, grace the event. The atmosphere is further heightened by the presence of IMSA race cars, evoking the nostalgia of prime 90s racing. Additionally, low-mileage vehicles, treated as a breath of fresh air by their owners, are positioned in the pit area. 

The rare cars undoubtedly add allure to the event, but the infield is not to be overshadowed, especially with the camaraderie among owners. Various clubs unite, forming impressive cruising formations, with the North Texas Fox Body Club typically leading the charge with the largest group. The infield becomes a sea of Mustangs, Broncos, and Lightnings, symbolizing a collective appreciation for the Blue Oval’s performance division throughout the years.

Worth The Trek

While Texas’ expansive size might deter many from attending events, the LMR Cruise In is a must-attend. Not only is the event free to enter and does not necessitate pre-registration, but it also offers several attractions that enable you to witness and enjoy the sounds of your favorite Fords as they engage in parade laps on the road course and circle track. If you’re seeking a delightful way to entertain the kids or unleash your inner child, then the LMR Cruise In is an event you won’t want to miss. The show kicks off on Saturday, November 18th and runs from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm!

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