2023 SEMA Show: Atturo Tire Stands Out With Godzilla Swapped Raptor

At the SEMA Show, tires and wheels are always a big deal, so much in fact, there is a huge hall devoted to the categories. This year, Atturo Tire had a couple of unique standouts in their booth and one of them was a taller-than-usual Trail Blade MTS. But truthfully, what made me zero in to take a closer look was a tricked-out overland-style Godzilla swapped Ford Raptor. I noticed it was riding on a full set of Atturo 37×12.50R17 Trail Blade MTS and the 7.3 Godzilla Engine which was the big attraction for me.

2023 SEMA Show: Atturo Tire Stands Out With Trail Blade MTS

Recently, Off Road Xtreme prepared a detailed overview of the Atturo Tires off-road oriented performance products. Out of the three tires featured in the comparison, the Trail Blade MTS stood out to me for its versatile off-road performance and comfortable on-road handling characteristics. In my opinion, it seems like the ideal fit for a capable off-road daily driver such as a Ford Raptor.

The new larger Trail Blade MTS fitted the built Ford Raptor nicely and I asked Atturo Tire’s Marketing Manager, Joe Gomez, to share a bit about this off-road performance tire. In short, he explained that it is just a good tough off-road tire that evolved from off-road racing that also has a lengthy on-road life of about 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

2023 SEMA Show: Atturo Tire Stands Out With Godzilla Swapped Raptor

Jumping back onto the truck, Joe gave us a quick walk around on this monster. Pennington Concepts, out of Centralia, Illinois was the mastermind builder of this totally customized 2017 Ford Raptor. At first glance, the truck appears to be an above-average overlander, yet typical SEMA build. But further investigation reveals a very capable rig that could go anywhere and haul everything. Check out all of the sweet details on this Godzilla-swapped Ford Raptor.

Performance Upgrades

  • 7.3 Ford Performance Godzilla Swap
  • 10 Speed Transmission Built By Suncoast
  • Camburg Long Travel Suspension W/Fabricated Control Arms
  • Triple Bypass Shocks (Front And Rear)
  • Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Fenders And Bedsides With Liners
  • Body Armor 4×4 Front And Rear Bumpers With Slider Steps
  • Dirty Life Beadlock Wheels
  • 37-Inch Atturo MTS Tires
  • MBRP Exhaust
  • XK Glow Led Lighting (Bumpers, Rock, Spotlights)
  • Sars System
  • Alpharex Headlights And Taillights

Overland Equipment

  • Body Amor 4×4 Bed Rack
  • Sky Ridge 3-person Roof Top Tent
  • Sky Ridge 10-Foot Awning
  • 2 Full-Size Spare Tires
  • VP Fuel Tank
  • 2 Rotopax 2-Gallon Water Jugs
  • Traction Boards
  • Goat Cooler
  • First Aid Kit
  • Off-Road Jack
  • Kingdom Off-Road Recovery Gear
  • Dual Compressor Onboard Air System
  • Fire Pit And Grill
  • 2 Tailgate Tire Table Systems
  • Billie Bars Tailgate Cover

2023 SEMA Show: Atturo Tire Stands Out With A Segway Villain UTV

After I was done geeking out on the Godzilla swapped Raptor, I had to go scope out the Segway UTV. Having never seen one in person, I was a bit skeptical that this was a true off-road performance vehicle. The particular machine that was on display in the Atturo Tires booth was a Segway Villain 64-inch model tricked out by EVO Performance.

2023 SEMA Show: Atturo Tire Stands Out With Trail Blade MTS

Now granted this particular example was highly modified by one of the best UTV outfitters in the business, but for a Segway, this checked all of the boxes. The Villain on display was rocking a set of 35×10.00R15 Atturo Trail Blade XT SXS tires.

I am super interested in learning more about the Segway UTV lineup and most specifically the Super Villain model that offers 20 inches of travel at all four corners. That machine comes in two versions; the 2.0-liter turbo at 235 hp, and the hybrid pumping 330 hp. Perhaps the most surprising thing I learned about the Segway Villain UTVs is the low price point.

Atturo Tire Stands Out The 2023 SEMA Show

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