PRI 2023: Goodson Makes It Easy To Pull Coyote Main Caps

Disassembling an engine the right way takes knowledge and the proper tools. Just like you invest in yourself to learn how to work on engines, you also need to invest in the best tools so you can correctly build an engine. Goodson Tools & Supplies is ready to make Coyote engine owners’ lives easier with its new Coyote Main Cap Removal Tool.

Ford’s Coyote-based engines have become a staple for those wanting to make serious horsepower with a modern Blue Oval mill. If you’re tearing into a Coyote engine, chances are you will be removing the main caps so you can get at the crank. Godson’s Coyote Main Cap Removal Tool is designed to make pulling main caps off a Coyote block as painless as possible.

“There are main cap removal tools for other engine platforms out there, but none were available for the Coyote until now. Fast Forward Race Engines developed this design and came to us to have it made. The all-metal design is very durable and we’re going to offer all the replacement parts for the tool if you need them,” says Richard Orlikowski from Goodson Tools & Supplies.

This main cap removal tool has two big advantages that anyone who’s going to work on a Coyote engine will appreciate. First, it’s going to save you a lot of time when you need to start removing the main caps off the block. The second advantage is that it will keep you from damaging the block as you remove the main caps. Goodson Tools & Supplies plans on having the first batch of its Coyote Main Cap Removal Tools available on the company’s website after the first of the year.

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