Reader’s Rides: FP700-Equipped Ford F-150 Makes 1,000 Horsepower

In Texas, there’s a saying: “don’t sleep on trucks being fast.” Even when you think you know what you’re racing against, the reality might surprise you – it could be just a work truck or a 1,000 horsepower Coyote monster, ready to leave you in the dust and your car in a state of despair. One such truck belongs to Bryan Grosjean, who proudly displays the FP700 package from Ford Performance. However, his four-door has already received upgrades that give it more power than advertised.


If You’re Going To Play In Texas…

Grosjean wasn’t content with just keeping up with other vehicles. Instead, he opted to boost the horsepower in his FP700 package by 6yt/5r.43k2 a Stage 2 Whipple kit with a 3.25 pulley. This kit included a 132mm throttle body and a larger intake tube. To ensure an ample supply of E85 for the thirsty Coyote engine was delivered, a Fore Innovations fuel system with twin pumps and Injector Dynamics 1050cc injectors were utilized. Exhaust gasses find their way out of the 5.0-liter engine through Velocity Parts and Performance long tube headers, leading into a Borla true-dual XR1 system.

The supercharger wasn’t the only upgrade; ensuring traction on all four corners necessitated a set of four Nitto NT555R2 drag radials, appropriately sized at 305/40-22. Grosjean also opted for RideTech 3-inch front and 5-inch rear drop to maintain the desired attitude. Additionally, a Bwoody driveshaft safety loop was incorporated for added security. To shed around 350 pounds off the full-size truck, Grosjean removed the spare tire and hitch. This essentially brings the truck’s weight down to that of a single cab model.

The Stars Are Big

Grosjean acknowledges that Texas is a haven for high-performance vehicles. “Texas has its fair share of daily-driven 1,000 horsepower beasts,” Grosjean remarks. “I encounter all sorts of wild cars at the gas station while I’m filling up.” However, with aspirations to achieve a 9-second quarter-mile run on 17-inch wheels and a Midnight Performance built 10R80 transmission, Grosjean aims to join the ranks of fearless vehicles unafraid of what awaits in the opposing lane.

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