Keep The Exhaust Flowing With Kooks’ GREEN Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are required by the EPA and are designed to help the environment. The units that come on most new cars aren’t designed for performance, but the team at Kooks Headers & Exhaust found a way to overcome that problem. The GREEN catalytic converters offered by Kooks will keep your vehicle’s emissions system happy, and make sure your vehicle still makes plenty of horsepower.

The GREEN catalytic converters story begins back in 2015 when Kooks partnered with Global Emissions Systems Inc. (GESi). Kooks wanted to develop catalytic converters that were high quality, didn’t interfere with the sound of the exhaust system, and of course didn’t diminish performance. These catalytic converters would also keep vehicle owners from being harassed by officials if their state required emission system inspections. The final product is a catalytic converter that checks all of these boxes.

“Since its initial release back in 2015, Kooks has continued to improve on and further revolutionize performance exhaust with our GREEN catalytic converters. Nearly ten years later, Kooks now offers three different varieties of GREEN catalytic converters so you can choose which option best fits your application. All of our GREEN catalytic converters are built to EPA standards, so they are emissions friendly, and keep the smell of fuel out of the cab of your vehicle,” explains Becky Sliney from Kooks.

Kooks offers three different series of catalytic converters, the Standard GREEN catalytic converters, Ultra GREEN catalytic converters, and High Output (HO) GREEN catalytic converters. The Standard GREEN catalytic converters are rated for 375 horsepower per unit or 750 per pair. A set of Ultra GREEN catalytic converters will handle 425 horsepower per unit or 850 per pair. If you really are making horsepower, the High Output GREEN catalytic converters are good for 500 horsepower each, or 1,000 per pair.

A set of the High Output GREEN catalytic converters were used on our Project Magneto Mustang. You can see how well they performed right here.

“With a proper tune, our GREEN catalytic converters will smooth out your exhaust note, keep the exhaust smell out of your vehicle, and reduce the risk of CEL issues. Most importantly, they’re designed to hold up to the power of your build so you can enjoy your Kooks exhaust for years to come,” Sliney states.

If you need to run catalytic converters on your vehicle but don’t want to give up any performance you should check out the GREEN catalytic converters from Kooks. You can learn more about these catalytic converters right here on the Kooks website.

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