Reader’s Rides: ProCharged Godzilla-Swapped Fox Pushes Past 1,000 HP

When it comes to drag and drive events, it’s evident that the cars are constructed to a different caliber. Not only must they achieve incredibly fast times, but they also have to travel from track to track without assistance from a tow vehicle. While some may dial back on power to preserve parts, where’s the fun in that? Jeff Kurczak, however, opted to maximize the potential of his Fox Body Mustang by swapping in a new type of pushrod engine: the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine.


5.0 On The Go

Originally, Kurczak purchased his 1993 Mustang LX with the intention of racing it around the Chicago area. Coming from a family of racers, Kurczak’s Fox naturally underwent various engine and transmission combinations in pursuit of optimal performance. The chassis was reinforced with a cage and mini tub before being set aside for a few years. His affection for the Fox was reignited later on when a stroked Windsor engine was installed between the strut towers, allowing him to bracket race before parking it in 2008.

Kurczak remained dedicated to following drag racing and developed a fondness for drag and drive events. In 2021, he resolved that it was finally time to give his Fox the attention it had been lacking for so many years. His aim was to maintain the simplicity of a push-rod Ford engine while seeking greater cubic inch displacement and superior power-holding capabilities. Through the tutolege of Brian Wolfe, Kurczak began to consider the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine from Ford’s Super Duty trucks. Despite the impressive low-end power of these engines, he sought even more, prompting him to enlist the expertise of ProCharger to find the optimal combination.


Pump Gas Performer

Kurczak’s objective for his car was ambitious: to achieve an 8.5-second quarter-mile pass while running solely on pump gas. To accomplish this feat, he turned to MAST Motorsports and ProCharger for assistance. “I had Mast Motorsports build a Godzilla for me, and I knew I wanted it boosted,” Kurczak explains. “So naturally, it was ProCharger that had a proven track record and was the only company prepared to ship a Godzilla kit.”

The crate engine combination eventually evolved into a formidable 445 cubic-inch powerhouse, boasting K1 Rods and aftermarket pistons. Initially producing 650 horsepower naturally aspirated, the addition of a ProCharger F-1A-94, running a 4.13 pulley, marked a significant transformation. After undergoing testing on the dyno with the new forced induction, the figures surged to 1,021 horsepower with 906 lb-ft of torque, achieved at just 14 psi. Notably, these impressive results were attained using pump 93 fuel and occurred prior to the installation of a Brian Tooley Racing intake manifold and 102mm throttle body. The entire combination finely tuned by Robin Lawrence


To ensure that the potent pony could deliver both on the dragstrip and during track-to-track cruises, a TH400 transmission, crafted by Trans Pro Racing Transmission, was meticulously assembled. Complementing this setup, a custom Coan converter was expertly installed, with the final touch being the addition of a Gear Vendors overdrive unit.

Family Tradition

While the senior Kurczak’s ProCharged Fox Body is certainly attracting a lot of attention, it’s not the only car in the family stable participating in drag and drive events. His 19-year-old son recently competed in the DYO class with a Fairmont and secured third place. Meanwhile, his 16-year-old daughter is gearing up to bring her 1974 Dart to the event this year. It’s thrilling to witness not only the clean Fox Body but also the entire family actively participating in these events!

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