Build A Strong Rearend With Strange’s HD Pro Aluminum Center Section

It’s a lot easier to make incredible amounts of horsepower these days, but that also means it’s easy to break parts if you’re not ready for that power. A 9” rearend can take plenty of abuse, but for some added strength you can use a Strange Engineering HD Pro Aluminum Center Section with S-Trac differential. This combination is robust, super durable, and will work in multiple applications.

Strange didn’t want to take any chances with this HD Pro Aluminum Center Section, so it used 206-T4 heat-treated aluminum as the base material. Compared to the more common 356-T6 aluminum, the 206-T4 has a 12% higher yield and a 32% higher tensile strength. The tail bearing area has also been reinforced to increase strength. Over-sized tail bearings were added to the HD Pro Aluminum Center Section so it can deal with heavy loads and increased rpm levels. Additional details about the HD Pro Aluminum Center Section can be found here.

To get the most out of this center section, you can go with the 3.250” bore option that accepts 35 spline axles and Strange’s S-Trac differential. The S-Trac is a helical gear differential that is quiet and provides a smooth power transfer that’s very progressive. The internal gears are made from 9310 steel and are vacuum heat-treated for additional strength. You can learn more about the S-Trac right here on the Strange Engineering website.

If you’ve already got your 9” rearend housing and are ready to finish bolting it together, you can pick up a complete HD Pro Aluminum Center Section package from Strange. This unit will come with the HD Pro Case ready for your choice of axles. You’ll also be able to select your gear set, and it will come with a 1350 series U-joint yoke. The best part, it will already be assembled and ready to go. You can check out all the options for the assembled HD Pro Aluminum Center Section right here.

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