Shelby Super Snake: A Limited-Edition 830-Horsepower Serpent

To most enthusiasts, the announcement of the seventh-generation Mustang starting in 2024 elicited not only excitement for the continuation of the American muscle car market with the Blue Oval leading the charge, but also anticipation to witness the innovations from our favorite car builders on the new platform. A name intrinsically linked with Ford is Shelby, so as Ford unveiled its lineup and race vehicles, all eyes were on Shelby’s world headquarters, eagerly awaiting their latest creation. Fortunately, the wait is over, and Shelby has unleashed a sleek serpent poised to outperform them all dubbed the Shelby Super Snake.

Shelby Super Snake

A New Generation Of Shelby

Shelby has a rich history with the Super Snake moniker, dating back to 1967 when a Fastback was outfitted with a powerful 427 FE GT40 racing engine, delivering a remarkable 650 horsepower. While this iconic creation cemented its place in automotive lore, recent iterations from Shelby uphold the tradition of turning Mustangs into formidable beasts.

We designed the Shelby Super Snake to be the pinnacle of our performance cars based on Ford’s world-class Mustang sports car. —Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American.

In the S650 lineup, the Shelby Super Snake will be available in two variants: one packing 430 horsepower and the other surpassing 830 horsepower, thanks to its supercharged 5.0-liter powerplant. However, the choices don’t stop there. The options extend further. Owners can opt for the rapid, seamless shifts of the automatic 10-speed transmission, or for those who crave complete control, a manual option remains available. However, Shelby didn’t simply slap on a supercharger to the Coyote engine and call it a day.

Shelby Super Snake

Anything but Slithering

Within the Super Snake, you’ll find the signature Shelby touch that enhances every aspect. Upgraded radiator and heat exchanger components work to keep engine temperatures in check. Borla exhaust not only produces a deep rumble but also optimizes the flow of exhaust gasses. For those aiming to dominate the drag strip, the half-shafts have been reinforced to effectively transmit power to the ground. Complementing these enhancements are 20-inch Magnesium forged wheels paired with Shelby brake rotors, ensuring this pony car comes to a commanding halt.

The aesthetics receive special attention with a Shelby-spec interior upgrade, featuring embroidered floor mats, Cobra puddle lamps, Super Snake door sill plates, serialized dash plaque, engine plaque, and more. Naturally, it’s the exterior that captures the attention of onlookers, highlighted by Super Snake trim throughout. 

Externally, your gaze is immediately captured by the Super Snake aluminum vented hood, featuring classic race-style hood pins, as carbon fiber becomes the material of choice for various components. Hood extractors, wide body front fenders with vents, rocker wickers, rear wing, rear lower diffuser, and more all boast the lightweight and high-performance attributes of carbon fiber.

Ultra-Rare Late Model Icon

While the seventh-generation Mustang embodies the classic V8 American car prowess, Shelby has elevated this late-model icon to new heights. Transforming the car into a formidable force is a challenge Shelby has mastered over decades. We know many enthusiasts dream of encountering the Super Snake frequently on American roadways, only 250 will be available stateside, rendering it a rare sight in the wild. However, it’s a sight most prefer not to encounter as a competitor on the road course or drag strip.

Shelby Super Snake

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