Begin Your Build On A Fresh Note With A BluePrint Crate Engine

Many of us can recall a time when the only choices for a crate engine were limited to the exorbitant prices at the dealership, a dubious short block from a shady mechanic, or selections from a mail-order catalog. While the original equipment was adequate, it lacked the performance I sought for the price, and my trust issues might have steered me clear of local engine builders. Crate engines consistently stood out as a reliable option for kickstarting my projects, offering nearly everything I needed. However, there was a significant drawback with catalog crate engines: a lack of variety in options. Essentially, I was confined to choosing between slightly modified 8.2 or 9.5 deck engines, or a big block 460. BluePrint Engines has now changed the landscape with massive engine options catering to Blue Oval fans. 

Starting Fresh

As engine blocks have aged, they’ve become increasingly scarce. Not only that, but their rigidity has diminished with each rebuild. BluePrint has ingeniously crafted a solution that not only guarantees a consistent supply but also bypasses the lengthy wait times often linked with other aftermarket manufacturers. If you’re thinking that BluePrint builds its own engine blocks, you’d be absolutely correct. This signifies that Ford enthusiasts can now obtain a 302, 347, 408, or 427 cubic-inch Ford engine, all built upon brand-new blocks, eliminating the necessity for refurbished blocks and the uncertainties they bring.

The variety begins by offering 50-state legal blocks for specific year ranges and then progresses up the line with additional features, including serpentine systems and more. Horsepower ranges from 361 to a staggering 541 horsepower, with each engine undergoing dyno testing before leaving the facility. There are no guesses, approximate values, or unknown variables involved. 

If you already possess a variety of accessories, you can opt for a less dressed engine or choose a complete drop-in option. BluePrint has even collaborated with TREMEC transmissions to introduce a builder’s series, enabling you to purchase a complete drop-in package tailored for your Bronco, Cobra, or Mustang.

Remove The Unknown

BluePrint has demonstrated that not only does your engine require a blueprint, but your business model does too. The company has swiftly emerged as one of the premier suppliers of crate engines in the aftermarket industry. So, instead of succumbing to paralysis by analysis during your engine build phase, envision a BluePrint engine adorning your engine bay, ready to launch you forward at a moment’s notice.

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