Meziere Remote Water Pumps Solve Cooling System Issues

There are situations where an engine-mounted water pump just won’t work. A remote water pump can alleviate this issue, and provide you with more mounting options for your cooling system. Meziere Enterprises offers a variety of remote water pumps that can be used in almost any cooling system.

For a drag racing application, a remote pump that attaches to the radiator is popular. These pumps can be mounted to the bottom of a radiator where a hose typically is attached. The pumps are very robust and flow 55 GPM of fluid, more than enough to keep your race car running at the correct temperature. Meziere’s has options for both dual and single out pumps. The pumps can be ordered with 12AN, 16AN, 20AN, 1¼”, 1½” or 1¾” slip hose inlet fittings.

Each pump features a large diameter stainless steel main shaft and high-performance ceramic seal. Meziere claims the pumps have a 3,000+ hour life expectancy before they need maintenance. The pumps are heavy-duty, but they weigh in at just 5.9 pounds. If your vehicle is driven on the street don’t worry, a Meziere radiator-mounted water pump will work for you too. The pumps aren’t an eyesore either, Meziere makes sure each one has a show-quality finish.

If you’re looking for a remote water pump for your build that can be mounted to a radiator you’ll want to check out these units from Meziere. You can learn more about the different pumps available right here on Meziere’s website.

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