Flooded Fords Flood Shop Tech Classes With New 2024 Mustangs

Growing up, my dad would tell me stories about having to bury cars in the countryside after a derailment. To the manufacturers, any vehicle damaged in transport was a liability to the end user and the manufacturer. The cars were destined to be crushed or, when cost-prohibitive to ship to the crusher, buried. Thankfully, times have changed. You won’t find 2024 Mustangs being buried in the desert, like the heap of Corvettes near Sanderson, Texas, or the Chrysler engine blocks in central Texas. Instead, Ford has developed a new method of getting use out of their pre-titled damaged vehicles.

2024 Mustangs

Once destined for the crusher, Ford has devised a way to make a positive from a disaster. These 2024 Mustangs are headed to schools after the New Boston flooding.

Ford’s Forward Thinking with 2024 Mustangs

Ford has never hidden the fact that they are constantly looking for the next round of technicians and have been trying to partner with high schools and vocational training facilities to make this happen. However, with the new S650 Mustang starting near the $40,000 range, it’s a tough financial bullet to bite to give them away. Then came the storm that rocked the New Boston area, leaving a large range of Fords in disrepair and completely unsellable. Now, these cars are heading all over America to teach future generations.

This is not the first time Ford has done this with pre-titled 2024 Mustangs. Ford has aimed to get vehicles from natural disaster-stricken areas into the hands of trainees. The new program is designed to keep students up to date and working on the latest Ford technology, instead of relying on gifted vehicles that had to be sourced from the public.

Keeping Auto Shop Open

So, while some proponents are trying to end shop class, Ford, along with a few others, are making sure that these classes not only stay open and have the latest tech but also provide a career path for those interested in the automotive field. While my shop class surrounded the likes of an LTD wagon that had seen better days, times have changed, and we’re excited to see Ford turning disasters into a win for the future.

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