VMP Performance Brings Supercharger Power To California

California is known for many things. From an enthusiast’s perspective it’s known for being one of the standouts in the car culture, however, it is also known for administering the strongest laws against performance in vehicles. So, while California remains a hub for the industry, it has become extremely difficult for the end user to install and enjoy performance products on their vehicles without possibly spelling legal trouble. You can now avoid the legal headache thanks to VMP Performance.

VMP Performance has been working to make sure its high-performance products will also be 50-state legal with CARB E.O. numbers included. Its recent addition is the VMP Loki supercharger kits for 2018-21 Mustang GT and 2018-20 F-150 that boasts the ability to be legal in the Golden State. Over the past year VMP has been working with the SEMA Garage to develop this offering as well as many more offerings in the future with proper E.O. numbers.


Unlike other options on the market, the VMP Performance Loki supercharger kit comes complete with everything needed to install your supercharger kit and even includes a complimentary tune. All owners will need to do is purchase a performance programmer and credits to have their vehicles fully ready for installation.

The kit designed for owners of Coyote-equipped 2018-21 Mustangs and 2018-20 F-150s, includes VMP 2.65 Odin Supercharger, 92mm supercharger pulley for 11-12 psi, VMP Performance Single Pass Heat Exchanger, 56-pound injectors, fuel pump booster, tune for 91-93 Octane and CARB E.O. Number D-846-2.

So, if you want to return to the roots of car culture in California with more horsepower check out VMP Performance Loki supercharger kit. While the kit won’t help you with rolling brownouts, high taxes, or asinine laws, it can help eliminate most of those worries from your mind with the simple pressing of the accelerator pedal.

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