Ruffian Cars’ 1964 Galaxie 500 Pro Touring

Prepare to fall in lust with this Ford Galaxie, because this isn’t your average supercar. Feast your eyes on the Ruffian Galaxie, a groundbreaking build that redefines Ford’s early ’60s highway schooner. From its slammed stance to the aggressive body kit and camo paint, it’s a wild, space-age unicorn.

Chris Ashton, the mad scientist behind Ruffian Cars is getting a lot of attention these days. This self-taught artisan has a passion for unique, custom creations. Does anyone remember his green restomod Mustang?  He’s also conjured up a beastly Ford GT40 replica. But for his third trick, he unveiled a custom Galaxie 500 at SEMA, taking his vision to a whole new level with his dedicated team at Ruffian.

According to Ashton, “Our 1964 Galaxie 500 represents the closest to a full race car on the street that we are willing to go. It is built on top of a Ron Sutton-designed, full-tube race chassis with a flat belly pan and full-size diffuser. It’s powered by Shelby’s 700hp, 526 ci aluminum block Ford FE and backed by a GForce-built t56 six-speed manual transmission with dog ring first through fourth gear.” Air jacks are built into the chassis for quick tire changes. The car has a 50/50 weight distribution and cross weight thanks to the motor being pushed back 10 inches and offset to the right one inch.

Ashton continues, “The suspension is stiff, but not punishing. The steering is blistering quick and the car handles like nothing we’ve ever driven. The shifts are solid and lightning-quick without using the clutch. It’s everything we dreamed a race car could be on the street, without all the brutal side effects. It’s an absolute riot to drive.”

Up front, the stock fenders have been stretched to accommodate massive 325mm tires on 20-inch multi-piece wheels. Expert Galaxie spotters will note the “diet” front bumper, cleverly crafted from two welded top halves. An aggressive air splitter slices through the air, matched by a racing diffuser at the rear.

The cherry on the sundae of the Ruffian Galaxie is undoubtedly the exterior livery. Hand-laid two-tone camouflage scheme, meticulously applied by the experts at Auto Addiction OC, is like a love letter to WWII battleships. Blend in the yellow graphics and the bare metal interior painted sky blue, and you have a recipe for greatness. This was rumored to be an expensive car to build, but greatness rarely comes cheap.

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