Steeda-Modded Shelby GT350 Hits The Market On Bring A Trailer

For some enthusiasts, the decision to sell a project car does not come lightly. They hang on to their beloved rides for decades. Others buy and sell their rides on the regular. However, when you are in the business of modifying modern cars, it pays to be on the cutting edge, which can precipitate the sale of a beloved ride. Such is the case for Chris Cervenka, a fervent enthusiast fortunate enough to work in the performance automotive business as the Director of Marketing at Steeda. He recently decided to part with his Steeda modified 2018 Shelby GT350, which has just days left on its Bring A Trailer auction.

Shelby GT350

Steeda’s Director of Marketing, Chris Cervenka recently decided to part ways with his 2018 Shelby GT350, which is painted in Lead Foot Gray with black racing stripes. (Photo Credit: Chris Cervenka/Steeda)

“Believe it or not, this might be the longest I’ve kept a Mustang. My wife and I love this car and how we’ve modified it. The fact it’s a serialized Steeda Performance Vehicle makes it that much more special to me,” Cervenka explains. “However, after seeing the Mustang Dark Horse in person at the reveal back in September, it’s undoubtedly the next step. The new Mustang Dark Horse takes everything great from naturally aspirated S550s – including Mach 1 and Shelby GT350 — and improves on it even more. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel and do the same to the new S650 Mustang!

Though he is parting with the car, there is no denying the allure that its combination of flat-plane Voodoo power and elevated handling offered right from the factory.

“The name, the icon, the heritage. What more can I say? Stamping “GT350” on a Mustang is not something that should be taken lightly. When the GT350 debuted in 2016, it was truly an entirely different breed of Mustang – just like it was in 1965,” Cervenka said of his choice to buy this ride. “Between the screaming 8,250 RPM flat-plane crank V8, the unique exhaust note, and the revised suspension tuning on the Shelby GT350, I’d argue to say it’s the most visceral Mustang ever to hit the streets… as of now.”

As you might imagine, his ride is not an untouched museum piece. When you work at a leading performance company, it would be nearly impossible not to take advantage of that company’s wares to take even a factory performer to a new level.

Shelby GT350

While this car is modified for improved handling and performance, the powertrain remains largely stock. The auction also includes the parts removed in favor of performance upgrades should the new owner want to return it to stock form.

“The Shelby GT350 out of the box is an incredibly impressive car, especially if you opt for the GT350R. However, anything can be improved upon, and I was looking to take the car to the next level when it comes to autocross and on-track performance,” Cervenka said. “There is a long list of Steeda parts on the car, but most notably, the Steeda MagneRide Dual-Rate Springs completely change the dynamics of the car in high-performance situations. Their ability to provide insane confidence on turn-in while on track makes you feel like there’s full aero on the car clamping the tires to the asphalt. All while providing a more comfortable ride when cruising down the highway thanks to their softer primary spring rate. “

The Steeda MagneRide Dual-Rate Springs completely change the dynamics of the car.  Chris Cervenka, Steeda

The new owner is sure to enjoy an elevated version of one of Ford’s most widely loved performance Mustang variants.

“When it comes to modifying a car and selling one at that, it’s tough to create a combination that appeals to the masses. However, I’m confident that the new owner will be pleased with how this car drives,” he adds. “Every input has been intensified from the loud pedal with the Resonator Delete H-Pipe, to the brakes courtesy of Hawk Performance, to the complete suspension overhaul underneath begging for more at every corner. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or tossing it into turn 7 at your local road course, this car will most certainly impress.”

Of course, if you wanted to return the car to stock, the sale includes many of the factory parts that were replaced by factory upgrades. Undoubtedly, his next project will follow a similar path and create another collection of take-off factory gear.

Steeda 2018 Shelby GT350 Details

  • Chassis: 1FA6P8JZ1J5500499
  • 43,000 Miles
  • Replacement 5.2-Liter Voodoo V8
  • TREMEC Six-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Torsen Limited-Slip Differential
  • Lead Foot Gray w/Black Stripes
  • Ebony Cloth and Miko Upholstery
  • Electronics Package
  • 19-Inch Wheels
  • Steeda Suspension System
  • Recaro Seats
  • Steeda Rear Decklid Panel
  • Cervini’s Mustang GT500-Style Hood
  • GT350R Brembo Brake Calipers
  • Ford Performance Rear Spoiler
  • J&L Oil Separator
  • Navigation
  • Steeda H-Pipe Section
  • Steeda Certificate of Authenticity
  • Clean Carfax Report
“One of the best parts about the Mustang is how they are essentially a blank canvas from Ford. Thanks to a vast enthusiast community and performance aftermarket, there are numerous ways an owner can modify their Mustang whether it’s for form, function, or both,” Cervenka concludes. “So, you can expect some tasteful OEM+ style aesthetic modifications and a slew of track-proven Steeda suspension parts underneath. You can definitely count on seeing this Dark Horse out at SCCA autocross events shortly after delivery, that’s for sure!”

To learn more about the car and even place a bid on this sharpened Shelby, you can visit the Bring A Trailer auction right here.

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