Steeda Drops Dual Rate Springs On Shelby GT500 Market

The Shelby GT500 is Ford Motor Company’s halo Mustang. The 5.2-liter supercharged Predator engine provides 760 horsepower, while the MagneRide suspension allows the car to handle track duties and still be comfortable enough for street cruising. However, GT500 owners are continually looking to improve their vehicle’s performance and Steeda Autosports is right there with them. Steeda has now introduced its new dual rate springs and camber plates for the 2020-2022 Shelby GT500.

Performance springs for the GT500 are anything but new, most are based around a linear or progressive rate. OE springs are linear and maintain one spring rate throughout the spring’s compression. Progressive springs are seen more in the aftermarket and offer a gradual rate change through its compression. Steeda’s new Shelby GT500 Dual Rate Springs offer a two-tiered rate system. This allows the spring to jump from one rate to another depending on how hard you are pushing the chassis into the corners. This not only helps the chassis handle the track better, but also aids the driver with on-track predictability.

While not part of the kit, you can also add Steeda’s S550 Camber Plates that allow for maximum camber setup for track duties. Utilizing the S550 Mustang camber plates allows you to adjust up to the 3-degrees without cutting the strut towers. If racing takes precedence in your life, then using Steeda’s Strut Tower Cutter will gain you a total of -3.4 to -3.6 degrees of negative camber up front.

Aside from making your Shelby GT500 better equipped for handling, one of the other benefits of the Steeda dual rate springs are the aesthetics. The dual rate springs provide a ½-inch to ¾-inch drop depending on if your GT500 is equipped with the Carbon Fiber Track Pack or not. While the Shelby GT500 sits low from the factory, that minor drop allows the perfect stance and sets it apart from the rest. If the rear sits too low for your liking or your tire size, the kit does include Steeda’s 1/8-inch billet rear spring spacers to raise the car back up.


Steeda is well known for making Mustangs handle the track with precision cornering. These dual rate springs are no different and have been thoroughly vetted on Steeda’s track and personal vehicles. Rest assured, if you are looking for springs that can provide increased handling performance for your 2020-2022 Shelby GT500 then check out Steeda’s newest product. Steeda’s dual rate springs are available for pre-order now and are shipping in early December. Pro tip: Put “From Santa” to avoid any complications with your significant other.

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