FordMuscle projects

Project 4MyCrew

1978 FORD F-250: Project 4MyCrew

The Project 4MyCrew is taking a regular 1978 Ford F-250 crew cab and resto-modding it with a modern-day Ford SuperDuty driveline & suspension system, including a 4×4 conversion.

Project Magneto

2018 MUSTANG GT: Project Magneto

Project Magneto is our drag racing 2018 Ford Mustang GT. Instead of seeking out corner carving capabilities, we’ll be building this car to be a full weight drag racer without gutting or stripping it down. We are shooting to have this car run a 6-second ⅛ mile pass on extremely …

Project Apex

2001 MUSTANG COBRA: Project Apex

Project Apex is our road racing 2001 Ford Mustang Cobra. This Cobra will be setup as a road course weapon reaching out past the straight-line racers and into the hearts of those looking to participate in track days.

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