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2013 MUSTANG: Project Silver Bullet

Faster than a Silver Bullet, with agile handling, braking and acceleration, goes our Silver Bullet 2013 Mustang. Equipped with a Roush Supercharger, and sporting over 500 rear wheel horsepower – we’re looking for street manners, awesome autocross and daily driver capability, and high 10-second ETs.

In 2014 we look to turn this project more towards street/strip duties with a dedicated Strange/Cobra Jet suspension and a built 8.8-inch rearend. We will also be building a beefier short block that will be stuffed with more boost from our ROUSH supercharger! Can we make it to the 9’s this year?

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Project Specs

Engine: Stock 5.0 Coyote
Power Adder: 2.3-liter TVS ROUSH supercharger
Transmission: Stock auto Circle D torque converter
Front Suspension: Strange Engineering struts, GT500 15-inch Brembos
Rear Suspension: Maximum Motorsports with Strange shocks and Cobra Jet springs
Wheels and Tires: 20-inch Forgeline SC3C/Weld RT-S with Mickey Thompson tires

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