Carlisle Ford Nationals Opens Floodgates Of Fords For Record Setting

What can only be described as drinking from a firehose, the Carlisle Ford Nationals fairgrounds was saturated by an abundance of blue oval vehicles and fans alike on day two. This record breaking day had over 3,400 Ford vehicles registered, which beats the previous record held by the import scene during its peak in the early 2000s. As Ford has hit the mark on the market, the community has remained loyal. Events like Carlisle Ford Nationals only further prove that statement true.

Carlisle Ford Nationals

While the dancing girls from the ‘70s have moved away and the import crowd has died down, it was Fords turn to make the big splash in Carlisle. A big splash would fall short on the spectrum of exactly what happened when hundreds of cars were seen funneling through the main gate for hours. Each vehicle entering the facility would then be directed into their respective rows to be paired alongside similar make and year range. Trying to be unique in a Ford is tough, but being a unique Ford at Carlisle Ford Nationals is next to impossible.

However, amidst a sea of similar bodied vehicles were a few outliers. In the same building the Shelby American Cobra Cammer was unveiled, you could find vintage Ford race cars like the Thunderbolt and R-Code Galaxies. These vintage race prepped hot-rods were surrounded by a small group of Shelby Hertz Mustangs of all years. If vintage was not your forte, then the more modern hallway gave way to the ultra-rare and rarely seen vehicles, such as an RS200 EVO and Explorer XP8 prototype.

Modern cars can be rare too, such is the case with this RS200 EVO and Saleen Explorer XP8 prototype!

Walking into the Pennsylvania sun would open your eyes to a multitude of interactive activities. VMP Performance brought their mobile dyno and participants could not only see their rear wheel horsepower, but also have their vehicle tuned by the professionals of VMP Performance. On the far side, and up the steepest fairground hills known to man, was an autocross and monster truck ride along providing thrills for everyone.

VMP Performance was tuning cars, Ford Performance was giving autocross rides, and the Virginia Giant was stomping through the fields with thrill seekers in tow.

Needless to say, the Carlisle Ford Nationals put on a great show, but couldn’t have been done without the help of Ford Motor Company, Ford enthusiasts and the community that rallies behind the annual show. Rarely is there a show that is all inclusive from sport compact to vintage muscle, off-road brutes to slammed station wagons, and everything in between. Check out our gallery below to see the action you might have missed!

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