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April 10th, 2012

Project BOSS 429 – Prep pre Body and Paint

In this shot, you'll see the 4 holes needed for the A/C and heater hoses to enter the firewall. I'll install the required AN male to male fittings in all these holes during installation.

I'm completing fabricaciton of the P/S and Oil coolers mounting points. This ended up being a perfect place for the mounting as it doesn't interfer with air flow to the radiator and is just behind the opening in the front valance, under the bumper.

I filled the front and rear side light openings for the clean look. I also filled the antenna opening on top of the front left fender.

To help prepare for the "finished" engine bay, I fabricated a flat firewall. You might recall from an earlier post, the firewall had to be removed to allow room for the engine. The the car is at body and paint, all seams and ribs will be filled and smoothed. The engine bay will be the car's exterior color.

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By mkassab @ 9:57AM PST.
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  • 1
    avatar Gary Lewis says:

    Mark – It looks great! When did you get into welding? And, what do you think of TIG? I’ve thought about going to that but haven’t – yet.

  • 2
    avatar mkassab says:

    Gary, thanks. TIG is slow but looks great if you’re good…. I’m not so good…. and still learning. One of the primary reasons I bought the TIG was for the ss exhaust and mufflers. The exhaust is all tac’d welded and in the next few weeks, will TIG weld it. I’m expecting the panted body in a few weeks…. Good hearing from you.

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