Ford Preserves The Manual Transmission In 2024 S650 Mustang GT

As performance enthusiasts, the idea of rowing gears as we navigate a road course, drive the twisty backroads, or slay the dragstrip provides us with an overwhelming sense of happiness. We like to have control over our engine’s RPM and avoid any intrusive measures taken by automatic transmission controllers. This has unfortunately been a dying cause, as multiple car companies have deleted the manual transmission option from their drop down menu. Now, Ford Motor Company has flipped the script and made sure that the manual transmission would find a home in its seventh generation S650 Mustang. 


Through an intricate amount of details and color combinations, the interior standout is still the manual shift knob.

Ford Motor Company decided to continue the tradition of manual transmissions in its pony car, through the use of the MT82. Our fears can now rest as the seventh generation Mustang GT retains the manual shift option standard. This will give Mustang owners the ability to have an ultimate connection to the powerful 5.0-liter V8. In addition, an on-track advantage to control shift points upon entering and exiting corners. 

Ford took it a step further and made sure the Mustang GT equipped with the manual transmission will also receive the rev-matching standard. The rev-matching between gears helps hold engine RPM when the clutch is engaged. It also will retain peak torque between manual gear chances, delivering even more precise powerband shift points. 

It appears that Ford Motor Company listened to their clientele who pleaded that Ford allow the Mustang GT to continue to have a stick shift option. While the seventh generation S650 Mustang may be the last internal combustion engine Mustang that Ford produces, it might also be the last one standing in a sea of automatic sports cars. In any case, we rejoice that the manual transmission continues to live on!

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