Time-Capsule Thunderbird Turbo Coupe For Sale

8As early Fox Mustangs get harder and harder to find, we are noticing a steady increase in popularity of other cars built on the Fox chassis. One of the more popular examples seems to be the 1983 to 1988 Ford Thunderbirds. Arguably, the most sporty design outside the Mustang to share the chassis, the Thunderbird was always underrated in the performance world.

However, available with the 302 V8 or the turbocharged 2.3-liter turbo, these cars were respectable performers for their time. The problem now though, as they grow more popular, the nice ones are long gone. Mostly treated as “just cars,” they are all worn out or in the junkyard already, so when a really nice one pops up for sale, we always take notice!

Well, last week, one of the nicest we have ran across in a while came up for sale on Craigslist just outside of Detroit, Michigan.

With only 59,000 miles on it, this Thunderbird comes from a Ford dealer’s private collection and was said to be stored in a climate-controlled setting its entire life. The ad states the car is in “Showroom Mint” condition and by the photos, we would have to agree! Still sporting the original paint, this black has an amazing shine to it. The car also features mint, black interior. According to the listing, this is the rarest color combo available in this particular year.

Being a Turbo Coupe, this particular Thunderbird features the turbocharged 2.3-liter similar to the one found in the earlier SVO Mustangs. Mated with a five-speed manual transmission, this car is certainly no slouch for its time. The ad states the car handles better and is faster than the Mustang of the same year. While that is not exactly true, the car was tested to run 0-60 at 7.6 seconds and the quarter mile in 15.8 seconds, both respectable times for the era!2

The list of options on this car is simply amazing. The ad lists adjustable suspension, premium stereo, automatic headlamps, power antenna, auto climate control, dual power seats with lumbar, lighted key less touch pad entry door locks and more. Options you would expect on a luxury car of today, but not in 1988!

The ad states the car was appraised at $14,700 in 2009, they are asking $15,200 for the car. Judging a car’s price is always tough, especially when there are not a ton of examples out there to compare it with. One thing is for sure though, whoever ends up with this car is going to get one nice showpiece they can be proud of and enjoy for years to come and a car that will surely only go up in value! You can see this time capsule for yourself here!

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