Ford Expands Mustang Experience With Dark Horse Driving School

Ford Expands Mustang Experience With Dark Horse Driving School

With the 2024 Mustangs pulling into the driveways of enthusiasts across the country, Ford is offering more community experiences for its owners. In addition to the forthcoming launch of a new digital portal where pony car fans can congregate, the company will offer several interactive learning experiences that will allow owners of every Mustang model — EcoBoost, GT, and Dark Horse — to learn how to drive their vehicles to their full potential.

“Ford Mustang fans make this car what it is – a global icon for performance and excitement. And now, we’re giving owners a chance to connect regardless of distance and share their passion,” Mustang Brand Manager Joe Bellino says.

Dark Horse

Ford knows that Mustang enthusiasts are a special group, so the company is expanding its community with an online portal, 10 events across the US, and more Track Attack learning opportunities for new owners. (Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

While the new online gateway will open the opportunity for all Mustang owners to attend a variety of events ranging from local gatherings to on-track experiences and 10 cross-country events to a range of online activities, there will be a destination event at the Ford Performance Racing School at Charlotte Motor Speedway that will offer EcoBoost and GT owners the first opportunity to experience the Track Attack driving program, which will show them how to make the most of their cars, including drifting, road course racing, and burnouts with the Line Lock.

“The Ford Mustang is all about two things: its community of passionate fans and racing. We’re combining those qualities and allowing owners to learn some of the same skills our racing drivers will take to Daytona and Le Mans next year,” says Matt Simpson, general manager for Enthusiast Vehicles. “And they’ll do so alongside their fellow enthusiasts.”

Mustang Dark Horse Track Attack at Charlotte Motor Speedway leads the charge for owners of Mustang Dark Horse – the most track-capable and powerful 5.0-liter V8 street-legal Mustang ever.”

As has been the case with high-performance variants since the ’12-’13 Boss 302, the Mustang Dark Horse includes a trip to the Ford Performance Racing School for free instruction with a 3:1 attendee-to-instructor ratio that will show new owners how to wheel their performance ponies on the skid pad, autocross, and Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval.

Dark Horse

Like previous performance models like the Boss 302, Shelby GT350, and Shelby GT500, the Mustang Dark Horse’s owners receive a free two-day Track Attack experience with the Ford Performance Driving School that will show them how to drive their 500-horsepower rides to their full potential.

Kicking off with an owner reception on the first night at the CMS Champion’s Club, which offers a view of the track, the instruction will show owners how to make the best use of the car’s features and improve their on-track driving in a series of three 20-minute sessions. A hot lap with one of the FPRS instructors will show the full potential of the Dark Horse on track.

Having driven the Charlotte Roval and attended prior Track Attack experiences, this is an experience Dark Horse owners don’t want to miss out on. Travel is up to you, but so worth it, and owners can register for these events starting next January.

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