FordMuscle Magazine is dedicated to ‘traditional’ Ford performance. It specializes in everything from pushrod Foxes to Three-Valve S197s and everything in between. FordMuscle readers appreciate modern technology like EFI and power adders, but in a more traditional platform. FordMuscle will have a tech-heavy and DIY-focus.


Our Mission

THE FOX & NEW EDGE – FordMuscle is the home for owners of the Blue Oval from a wide array of platforms and years, including an emphasis on Fox-body 1979-1993 Mustangs, S197 (2005 to 2010), & New Edge Mustangs (1994 to 2004).

PUSHRODS & MODULAR POWER – Pushrods or multiple cams, FordMuscle has everything from 302, 351, and big-blocks to Modular engines.

NOT JUST MUSTANG – From Mavericks to Galaxies, to F-150 trucks and beyond, Ford Muscle is all about the Blue Oval.

DO-IT-YOURSELF – FordMuscle is especially targeted toward the do-it-yourself enthusiast. If you’ve got dirt under your fingernails, and an engine hoist in your garage, you’ll be right at home with our magazine.