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DAILY DRIVEN 9-SECOND 2015 MUSTANG GT: Project Boosted Coyote

As an official project car, Boosted Coyote has always been Ivan Kordas vision of what a true “street/strip” car should be. “Since the 2015 Mustang was released I have had this idea in my head of what I would build and this project is very much becoming that vision.”

Ivan is a lifelong automotive enthusiast. What he likes most about drag racing is the feeling of acceleration in the first 60-feet. He bought the 2015 Mustang GT because he knew it would be able to run 10-second passes and still be a fun car to drive.

“My car started out as bare bones build to test the OE components’ limits,” Ivan said of his Ruby Red Mustang. After just a week with the car he knew it was capable of nine-second passes, and a new goal formed.

Within his first year of ownership, Ivan had done a few upgrades such as a Roush TVS supercharger, Sai Li return style fuel system, ID1000 injectors, JMS Wheels with Mickey Thompson ET Street tires, and BMR Drag Springs. With a full leather interior, heated and cooled seats, along with navigation and stereo unit Ivan accomplished his personal best: 9.8 seconds at 140 mph.

On a cold November day at a Test n’ Tune event held at Memphis International Raceway, Ivan attempted to beat his best time but his 2015 Mustang GT did not want to cooperate. 

Fully loaded with all its comforts, Ivans goal is to put down over 1,000 horsepower and run a quarter-mile well in the mid-to-low 9 second range and be able to drive across country.

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Project Specs

Vehicle: 2015 Mustang GT
Engine: Livernois Motorsport Long-Block
Power Adder: Whipple Gen 3 2.9L supercharger
Transmission: 6r80 with Exedy Clutches and TCS billet Intermediate shaft
Front Suspension: BMR Drag Springs
Rear Suspension: BMR Drag Springs, Viking Shocks, G-Force Axles and Drive Shaft
Wheels: JMS Chip Avenger
Tires: Mickey Thompson

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