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March 1st, 2012

1954 Ford Crestline Air Shock Install

316 Collision Center is the industries leading repair facility. Whose Work has been featured is such places as Mustang Enthusiast Magazine and The Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction as well as Fast Five! Recently they got the chance to install air shocks on a 1954 Ford Crestline.
Check out their other work on their website and like their facebook page.
1. first put the vehicle on the bench (or lift), spray some pb blaster on the ends of the old shocks and let sit a few minutes.
2. Then remove the factory shock nuts with a 9/16 socket. remove old washers and bushings push up on the shocks and they should come right out.
3. install new air shocks the same way the old ones came out. do not over tighten the nuts when installing new washers and bushings. (don’t tighten them so tight that they squeeze the new busings and cause them to distorte) install the air line in to each shock with an o-ring and fitting.
4. run the air lines in such a way they will not get damaged or pinched on anything. ( we were able to run them inside the frame rails to the back of the car where we mounted the fitting under the license plate for easy access (use a rubber grommet to protect the line from the frame rail metal).
check for leaks around the fittings with some soapy water.
5. Now your good to go.
By zach71maverick @ 7:18PM PST.
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  • 1
    avatar FATNFAST says:

    Thanks for sharing. The only thing that I would have done different is add a grommet in the frame rail to protect the plastic line from rubbing metal.

  • 2
    avatar Eddie says:

    Thanks! Yeah I added grommets after. They were not in the pictures.

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