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Drunk driving is a well known danger, but driving while exhausted can have deadly consequences too. A driver in San Angelo, Texas, feel asleep while behind the wheel of his 2007 Ford Mustang, hit a curb and flipped the car. Despite flipping his car, the driver escaped the accident with only minor injuries, but things could have been far worse.

According to San Angelo Live, the Mustang landed on its roof in the parking lot of a Popeye’s Fried Chicken restaurant. Adjacent to the fried chicken restaurant, was a mecca of caffeine, Starbucks, which might have saved the driver from crashing in the first place. Fortunately, no other drivers or pedestrians were injured during the crash. According to DrowsyDriving.org, 103 million people admitted to falling asleep while driving in a 2005 National Sleep Foundation poll.

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This startling statistic should be enough to make drivers reconsider the value of getting enough rest because the results can be devastating. Enthusiasts put countless hours of work and a significant amount of money into their vehicles, so it seems careless to get behind the wheel when one is exhausted.

It is easy to skip out on sleep when faced the all of the responsibilities of work and family, but those responsibilities are the reasons to get adequate rest. With many states still taking part in the daylight saving time practice, many drivers are trying to get through the week with a lack of sleep thanks to the time change. Even the loss of one hour can impact a person’s ability to drive, so place a little more importance on sleep this week.