Cruisin’ Ford-Style At The Pigeon Forge Rod Run

Twice a year cool cars and trucks of all models, years, and styles take over the strip in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. While the main show is located at the Leconte Center, the main attraction is all the cruising action out on the strip.

Mustangs and plenty of them! This is just one of many many parking lots full of various Mustangs all for sale.

The main attraction is all the cruising action out on the strip.

Every parking spot as far as the eye can see has some sort of cool car in it, and most of them for sale. Some owners are offering them at realistic prices, while others just throw a big number on there just because they can. Back on the road, there is always something cool driving by from daylight to well past midnight. Thousands of spectators line the sidewalk in their lawn chairs to watch all the action unfold.

Late-model trucks are always popular at the Rod Run, especially the diesels. Here is a wide mix of some of the cool Ford pickups. A nicely built F-350, a second-gen Lightning, a Roush F-150, and a Shelby F150.

This is the tradition known to most simply as the Pigeon Forge Rod Run, where cruisin’ the strip never gets old. We were on hand to scout out some of the cool Ford cruising action and we did not leave empty-handed. Keep scrolling to see all the cool Blue Oval machinery we spotted in Pigeon Forge and stay tuned for a look at our five favorite Fords from the big show…

You never know what will pop of for sale at the rod run. Check out this 1967 Fastback with a 428 and a four-speed. Anyone need a cool winter project?

One of our personal favorites of the weekend was this sinister-looking 2002 Ford Crown Vic. It has all the comfort and function of a four-door, but the looks and performance of a muscle car. We would love to pull up to the office every day in this bad boy!

An often forgotten Fast & Furious fact is that Paul Walker appeared in a red Ford Lightning Racers Edge shop truck in the first movie of the series. The owner of this red second- gen Lightning decided to pay tribute to that. It is a subtle touch that we thought was pretty cool.

One thing the rod run always delivers is something unique and crazy. This years award for that has to go to this mid-engine Ford Ranger. We were never able to track the owner down to get any details, but this is definitely one unique truck.

The weather was nice in the Great Smokey Mountains and it made for great top-down cruising weather. The convertibles were out in force.

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