Mustang Week Attendees Dam Up Beaver Bar Parking Lot

Mustang Week is what every Mustang fanatic could ever imagine wanting. During the last full week of July, Mustang owners of all generations converge onto the coastal town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Instead of having a central location that would confine everyone to one area, Mustang Week is spread throughout the city. 

A casual stroll down Ocean Boulevard to grab a slice of pizza will result in being accosted with an earful of throaty V8 sounds. Cruise down Kings Highway and you’ll be presented with classic to modern muscle alike. At times it can be overwhelming seeing the mass amount of Mustangs, but the variety in each build is truly embodies what Mustang Week is about.

Your Mustang Week event attender and scribe for this article unfortunately flew in a few days too late to make the Steeda party. However my absence would easily go unnoticed, as Steeda’s social media pages boomed with crowd attendance. I did arrive just in time to head to the Beaver Bar meet. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what kind of establishment I would stumble upon with a name like that, but regardless of the venue’s name, the outside was full of feature worthy Mustangs. In the main parking lot a bagged S550 straddled the pavement, a twin turbo S197 lurked from the sidelines, and even a Ford GT was in attendance and so much more. 

Unfortunately South Carolina’s finest was also in attendance, and while a Florida SSP Fox Body tried to distract the officers, a few Mustang owners were pulled over from excessively loud revving or exhibition of acceleration. The crowd didn’t let that damper the mood, as the street was lined with chairs waiting for the parade to continue.

To some the event is pure chaos with events scattered through the week or popping up in the city limits, but that’s the beauty in it. Cookie cutter builds inside of cookie cutter events are out the window for this one. It’s the individuality that sets the tone for Mustang Week and it is up to each person to decide where they want to spend their time.

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