A Mustang II We Can All Respect

The car was designed by Ben Hermance at Hermance Desgins

The original Mustang was a hot seller for it’s first several years. Competition, a bulkier design, and the gas crunch started hurting Mustang sales in the early 70’s. Ford attempted to make the Mustang into a sleek, sporty, economy car for 1975 with the Mustang II. Enthusiasts everywhere cringed, and the car was anything but a performer. There are even some diehards out there that will deny a Mustang II is even a Mustang at all, and prefer to think of that as a gap in the car’s history.

The Mustang II did offer an improved front suspension system, which became a favorite of hot-rodders for transplanting into a wide array of custom built cars. Today Mustang II’s are often missing from car shows, and still garner very little respect. With early model Mustangs commanding premium prices, and an overall lack of original build ideas, maybe the Mustang II’s time has finally come.
Brett Behrens is one such enthusiast who thinks so, and after seeing the build pictures of the Mustang II he currently has under construction, we have to agree his car is going to be awesome. Behrens teamed up with Ben Hermance, at Hermance Design to create a vision of a sporty and powerful Mustang II. The car is being constructed by A-Team Racing of Bend, Oregon.

To say the least this Mustang II will be a far cry from the econo-car that Ford had originally built. With power coming from a Modular Mustang Racing built V10, featuring a custom intake manifold. The chassis is full custom tube. To help balance out the weight of the V10, the little Mustang II will use a rear mounted six-speed transmission. There will be four wheel independent suspension along with massive rubber to help improve the grip, and pizza sized brakes with ABS should help this one tear up the track.

The car also features a full roll cage and tons of custom body work. You can follow the build on A-Team racing’s Facebook page, we can’t wait to see the finished product.

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