PRI 2021: KW Automotive Shows Off New Shock Tuning Technology

The Performance Industry Tradeshow (PRI) is an event we look forward to every year. It is an integral part of the automotive racing marketplace and affords us a glimpse at the epicenter of new racing technology.

With the biggest names in the automotive aftermarket represented, we do our best to visit them all, and one company that’s always a standout is KW Suspension.

We caught up with Frank Vasquez, the company’s brand manager, and he broke down one of their latest offerings – a new prototype coilover that sports four-way roll damping technology. This makes the customizability of the application’s setup seemingly limitless since a typical car’s setup requires one shock at each corner.

Frank said, “instead of having one shock per corner, where you have two shocks in the front and two in the rear, these are a bit different. You have one that controls the leaning back and forth in the corners, and then the lead dampener controls how much they are going up and down at the same time.”

The coilover shocks are a solid-piston design and Frank expanded on some of the unique design elements of the new technology. “The premise of solid-piston is exactly like it sounds. The piston that moves inside the column of fluid has no holes in it or orifice, that’s usually where force is generated. So, with a solid piston, it’s twin-tube and it cycles the fluid in and out the entire column of oil – nothing passes through the piston.”

“That creates a lot of pressure through the valve body, and it also creates an immediate response because you’re moving all of that column of fluid. The pressure builds up really quickly. The external reservoir is what gives you the gas pressure against that to prevent cavitation.”

To check out everything new and exciting from KW Suspension, head on over to the company’s website, here. And, of course, check back with us for the most exciting and up-to-date news coming out of the Performance Racing Industry trade show. Until next time…

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