PRI 2021: Nitrous Outlet’s DIY Harnesses Make Nitrous Installs A Gas

PRI 2021: Nitrous Outlet’s DIY Harnesses Make Nitrous Installs A Gas

It’s always fun stopping by the nitrous guys’ booth to see what’s new in the world of boost in a bottle. Let’s face it, everything from massive waterfall-like nitrous blasts to sneaky-Pete installs that resemble an old gym bag has been the norm for creating a cool nitrous kit. So, what could possibly be new when it comes to installing nitrous on your hot rod? We found out when we stopped by Nitrous Outlet’s booth at the PRI show.

Check out the company’s new DIY nitrous harness kits. While being stealthy, sophisticated, or super-sized is ALWAYS fun, making the installation process simpler is always a welcome upgrade. Nitrous Outlet has definitely simplified the installation and has still engineered a few options to suit a variety of customers’ needs and wants.

The DIY harness kits come with everything you need. The final configuration depends on which kit you need and whether you get the trim-to-fit or plug-and-play version. The number of necessary relays and switches depends on which stage kit you purchase but everything is wired and color-coded to make installation as simple as possible.

Each harness kit comes with a nitrous controller, custom switch panel, covered fuse box, a relay bank, a colored wiring diagram, and harness routing instructions. There are two harness “stages” available — Stage 1 and Stage 2, with two configurations of each stage available currently. Both stages include a purge circuit, relay bank, and switch panel. Both also include the necessary safety precautions such as a WOT switch.

the Stage 1 kit features all the necessary safety precautions, as well as a purge system and a two-switch panel.

Stage 1 harnesses are set up for a single-stage nitrous system. Configuration one features a purge kit, WOT safety switch, and a two-button switch panel.  Configuration two adds a bottle heater and heater pressure switch, and a three-button switch panel.

Stage 2 harnesses bring a little more to the table. Configuration one is a single-stage system and features a transbrake interrupt, purge kit, bottle heater, and heater pressure switch, fuel pressure safety switch, timing output, and a WinMax nitrous controller. Configuration two brings an additional dual-stage nitrous system, purge kit, bottle heater and heater pressure switch, a dedicated fuel system, timing output, and WinMax nitrous controller. There is also a remote bottle opener circuit and a four-button switch panel.

Stage two systems bring more options to the install including a remote bottle opener, dual-stage nitrous, and transbrake interrupter circuit.

Harnesses feature high-quality Molex terminals and Deutsch connectors, along with a protective wire loom. Wiring has been a black art for so many enthusiasts, but with Nitrous Outlet’s new DIY nitrous harness kits, giving your ride a shot of gas has never been easier. Give them a call and see how easy installing your own nitrous system can really be in this modern age.

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