SEMA 2021: BendPak Elevates Garage Goals With New Lift

SEMA 2021: BendPak Elevates Garage Goals With New Lift

The majority of us love working on our cars in the garage, and we’ve learned that having the proper tools and knowledge will allow us to have better builds and work quicker. BendPak Automotive Equipment recognizes that and has the tools to lift your car off the ground. Through the QuickJack line, BendPak introduced a new lift that aligns with the DIY mechanic or racers’ needs.

We stopped and talked to Tyler Rex of BendPak to discuss the new products.

“BendPak introduced the 5000TL as the most versatile portable lift. We added 3-inches of overall lift height to the previous 21-inches it had,” said Rex. “While each lift only weighs 80 pounds, together they can raise 5,000. We even offer a 7,000 pound rated model, as well.”

When discussing the lifting ability, Rex informed us, “The system runs an electric over hydraulic lift. This means the portable jack can be used in any place that has an electric hook-up, and so track junkies can easily tie it into their generator and lift the car between passes. While the dimensions of the 5000TL are 3-inches tall when lowered and 70-inches long, it’s perfect to tuck into the trailer.”


The QuickJack 5000 TL is more than just a portable lift — it’s a lightweight and compact tool that can be utilized at home, the racetrack, or anywhere you have electricity. Bendpak recognizes you need the proper tool to get the job done, but most importantly a tool that is safe. So skip the recalled jack stands and clanky jack by utilizing the proper tools with BendPak.

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