SEMA 2014: Deatschwerks Continues Developing Fuel System Solutions

There is an old cliche that says necessity is the mother of invention. Such was the case years ago when David Deatsch was trying to find a set of injectors for his Nissan 240sx project car. Not satisfied with what was available for the car he set about to develop his own product. As often happens in the performance industry, this ingenuity spawned the birth of a new fuel solutions business, Deatschwerks.

Deatschwerks was born out of enthusiasts needing to find their own solution. -Mike Deatsch

“Deatschwerks was born out of enthusiasts needing to find their own solution,” says company co-founder and David Deatsch’s brother, Mike Deatsch. Today Deatschwerks offers more than just fuel injectors. The company has grown and evolved into a full service fuel solutions provider.

“In the beginning we sold one injector, for one car, in one size. Today, we offer over 400 SKUs for just about every popular performance make and model out there. That consists of both fuel pumps and fuel injectors.”

The company spent its first few years focused on import products, and then after several years branched into the domestic muscle car and performance markets. “In 2010 we were Deatschwerks Fuel Injectors, that year we started offering fuel pumps, and became Deatschwerks Fuel Solutions,” says Mike Deatsch. “We find holes in the market where needs aren’t being met, and we fill that hole.”

When it was released in 2010, the DW300 was the highest flowing in-tank fuel pump available on the market. At the 2014 SEMA show, Deatschwerks was showing off their all new DW400 pump, which Mike Deatsch says he feels very confident will win the company back its title for the largest in-tank pump in the aftermarket.

Deatschwerks’ goal today is to not focus on a single market segment, but instead focus on providing fueling solutions throughout the aftermarket according to Mike Deatsch. “From our DW65V fuel pump that solved a missing solution for a pump for the 1.8t Audi and VW market, to the 2,200cc injectors for the high output modern muscle crowd, we’re offering more solutions for our customers than ever before.”

“What we’re evolving more towards every year is being a full fuel solutions company that doesn’t just serve one market, we service everybody.” Deatschwerks continues to add more products to their offerings on a regular basis. This includes the addition of in-line pumps, in-tank pumps, in-line fuel filters, and the recent addition of fuel rails.

With OEMs changing their products every few years, and performance enthusiasts demanding solutions with little to no compromises in fit and performance, the future looks very bright for Deatschwerks.

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