SEMA 2019: Sparks Fly at Brisk USA!

SEMA 2019: Sparks Fly at Brisk USA!

When we visited Brisk USA during SEMA, we were excited to find out what was hot and new on the market. We had the opportunity to speak with manager Bret Lednicky, and he told us about two new-to-the-market plugs for Ford and Chevy applications.

The first one was a new Iridium Performance plug: RR14BYIR-7. Bret told us it is a replacement for the NGK6510LTR7IX-11 plug. This particular plug is made for the Ford Coyote engine and Chevy LT, as well as a host of additional applications. It’s a long lifespan plug, designed for forced induction and light nitrous use. Just for reference, iridium is six times harder and eight times stronger, with a 1,200-degree-higher melting point than platinum.

“We’ve done some things to really optimize it for guys who are running factory bolt-on supercharger kits or low boost applications for long lifespan and durability,” he told us.

These particular plugs launched a couple of months ago, so they are available now and ready to ship.

The second plug that Bret referenced was from its Silver Racing line.

“This is the premier forced-induction, high-compression, heavy-amounts-of-nitrous, plug,” he explained. “There was a high demand on the market for a non-resistor plug for these platforms because no one else makes one.

“For instance, a really popular ECU conversion would be the FuelTech system, and they have a CDI ignition, so a relatively low output ignition system. So, they require less resistance out of the plug. Our Silver Racing design has a silver center electrode, and that’s the best conductor of thermal heat and electricity. So it’s highly beneficial for hard to ignite fuels and applications that are pushing a lot of cylinder pressure.”

This plug also launched earlier this year and is available now!

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